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At the forefront of bringing specialist Mozzarella di Bufala to the UK, La Bufala Trading have been pioneers in importing and distributing fine Italian produce since 1997. They now offer a wide selection of cheeses and cured meat on top of their signature mozzarella in a variety of specifications to top restauranteurs and retailers. Having grown since their last raise with us, La Bufala Trading will use the funds raised to expand further as they continue to deliver highly-accredited produce.

Bringing the best tastes of Europe to the dinner table

La Bufala Trading are the home of the unique Mozzarella di Bufala. Traditionally manufactured in Campania using milk from the water buffalo, we were instrumental in introducing this fine ingredient to the UK market. We have 14 varieties to choose from, including the very first vegetarian buffalo mozzarella, certified by the Vegetarian Society. Since our formation, we've expanded our produce to also include other varieties of Italian cheeses and those from further afield, such as Greek feta and halloumi. To complete the tasting selection, we also stock cured meats from prosciutto to speck and mortadella.

We are led by Salvatore Arricale, who grew up in the restaurant industry and therefore understands the requirements of chefs and consumers alike. Delivering to the best chefs and retailers in the country, we have built long-term relationships with our clients since our conception. Our impressive list includes well-known and highly-regarded restaurants, with our products and services garnering outstanding testimonials.

Our previous raise with Crowd2Fund allowed us to grow successfully and we aim to continue this trajectory using the funds raised in this campaign. By maintaining our high standards in distribution and quality control, while expanding our range of produce and client base, we will pioneer further growth in the industry.


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Salvatore Arricale
Gina Arricale

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A. Jakob, we already deliver outside of London with groups we supply via their central distribution. some of our other deliveries are dealt with a partner company we have dealt with for many years, We ourselves deliver outside of London, Home Counties mainly,but if an order is big enough we will endeavour to deliver ourselves further.
We have been discussing for quite sometime in maybe opening a hub in the SW of England which could come to fruition.

A. Hello Mark, all I can foresee on that point is that there will probably be Tariffs of some kind, which will have to be factored in to our pricing. I don't think the country will stop eating so presume we will just carry on like other industries, and get on with it

A. Hello Paul, not sure about that one sorry, I know credit scoring agencies use different formulas .We seem to have an ok credit score with others, here and in Europe, if not, we wouldn't be able to trade with our suppliers as they would not be able to insure, which we all do.
Hope this helps.

A. Thanks Jakob, we plan to increase our fridge space as we will need more storage plus look to attain a higher accreditation in doing so. with regards to hiring we do not need to short term but with what we foresee happening over the next 6 months we will probably look to increase our fleet and drivers. we are also constantly working with our suppliers to introduce new and innovative products this year we have already been able to introduce 2 totally new lines to the market.

A. Hello Roger, the latest financials are looking good and 2018 has been steadily rising upwards, this is due to an aggressive selling campaign and introduction of new product lines.

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"Bringing the best tastes of Europe to the dinner table"

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