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Kingston Eye Centre, trading as John Rose Eyecare, are a beloved optician, having taken care of their local community’s eye-health for 17 years. The founder, John Rose, who is also a founder of the European Academy of Optometry and Optics, leads a team of equally skilled and passionate opticians, using cutting edge technology to give their customers the very best care possible. With the funds raised, they will be modernising their shop with a fresh new look, new stock and a boost in marketing activity.

Changing your perception of vision.

The gift of sight is precious. At John Rose Eyecare we are dedicated to monitoring, preserving and enhancing our clients’ eye health. Using the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, supported by our dedicated professional team, they receive personalised and trustworthy service, ensuring peace of mind. Since launching in 2003, we have grown our loyal, long-term customer base by providing consistently friendly and top-quality service.

As a team, we are passionate about preserving and enhancing our clients’ vision to the highest possible level, caring for the precious gift of sight across all generations. We offer a range of treatments for conditions such as glaucoma, myopia, blepharitis and age-related macular degeneration and services such as contact lens examination and fit and even whole body light therapy.

As with any shop on the high street, we need to periodically refresh our store’s look. With the funds raised, we will be investing in refurbishing the premise and updating our stock of eyewear. This fresh, modern look will better reflect the cutting-edge technology we use and the services we offer. To make the most of this new look, we will also be investing in marketing to create better awareness in our local community.


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"Changing your perception of vision."

17 years, 2 months
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