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Capital at risk
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Katz Couriers return for a third time around after having successful campaigns with us. Katz Couriers is a 24/7 courier service in the UK that aims to provide the fastest and most secure delivery. Having built strong relationships with the industry for nearly a decade, they are dedicated to providing first-class services for their customers. They are now raising funds for working capital to meet further demands.

Nationwide, 24/7 we are here to collect and deliver to your needs.

Operating for nearly a decade now, we provide 24/7 courier services throughout the United Kingdom with a mission to bring the fastest and most secure deliveries. Our deliveries are tracked as it’s important that we keep our customers happy as they are our first priority.

We have built strong relationships in the courier industry trading in Feltham and because of this, we are able to operate at a competitive rate.

Our clients are confident in our tracking service as we provide critical updates and pre-programmed dedicated deliveries. We are the first point of contact the moment a package arrives at its destination and we keep an open communication by keeping transparent.

We strive to be the best courier service in the UK and with speed on delivery being more in demand, we develop the best strategies to achieve this with our team of experts. As we continue this journey, we will be raising funds for working capital.

Delivery services increased during COVID and the industry experienced growth as online sales had risen.

Credit Risk Comments:
This is a returning well established courier business with perfect repayment history. The business is showing increasing working capital and a good current ratio. The bank statements show a positive balance and demonstrate affordability to support the loan. The directors are providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. The directors are homeowners, however this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 53k
£ 53k
Est close date
Funded 2 years ago in 11 days

Where will the funds go?

Working Capital

Key people

Kaleemuddin Mohmud
Famheda Tabassum

Business brand

Feltham, UK

"Nationwide, 24/7 we are here to collect and deliver to your needs."

10 years, 6 months

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