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JXK Limited, trading as Galicia Laundry is a family-run commercial laundry business which has been servicing London's hospitality sector since 1978. With a wide range of happy clients, from restaurants and hotels to health clubs and care homes, they have steadily grown the business for over three decades, maintaining their reputation of excellent service throughout. With the funds raised, they will be purchasing a new piece of linen folding and stacking machinery, enabling them to serve more clients, faster and grow the business.

Servicing London since 1978.

We founded Galicia Laundry in the late seventies as two brothers, running our small operation from a basement, with our simple aim of treating our customers how we would like to be treated ourselves. A work ethic that has served us well over the past 35-years! We grew rapidly in the 1980's as we trawled the restaurants of London securing new business. Always asking for our clients testimonials along the way, our supportive and flexible approach, led us to a move to larger premises in the 1990's after a decade of established success. In our current prime location in Park Royal, North West London, we sit amongst an array of industrial and commercial business outlets, which is testament to how far Galicia Laundry has come since those early days.

Over the decades Galicia Laundry has gained the knowledge and expertise to help and support even the most inexperienced business owners with their linen hire and laundry requirements. From their opening day to their busiest peak periods we offer bespoke services at incredibly competitive prices. Securing new business is only a first step for us, retaining that business over many years is the rewarding challenge we are happy to say we have achieved for nearly 35-years. We currently provide linen hire and laundry services for local hotels, restaurants, professional kitchens, events, health clubs and spas, and have recently introduced emergency laundry services for care home linens, where their own laundry machinery has broken.

We are keen to continue growing our business in a sustainable manner, staying true to our values for high-quality service. For this reason, we are raising funds to purchase a new piece of folding and stacking machinery, which will allow us to professionally fold hundreds of different sheets at a much higher rate than our current system. With this addition, we can serve more clients, better, faster, while keeping our costs steady.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 100k
£ 28k
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15d 6h

Where will the funds go?

Purchase machinery

Key people

David Budino Varela
Ana Isabel Carreira

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A. Correct, the business was founded by the present directors Ana's father, The freehold of the site, worth over £3m is still owned by Antonio and his wife. The original business suffered a fire and the building was badly damaged At the work couldn't be carried it had to be liquidated . At this point in 2013 Antonio retired and concentrated on his Spanish restaurants in London. The business is now in 2020 far more successful, modern and profitable than it ever was pre 2013 under David and Ana.

A. Correct the customer base is not affected. In fact as machines are updated larger hotel groups are keen to work with the company

A. The company is consistency profitable

A. Staff costs mainly, however these costs will drop as the business has invested in new ultra ,modern machinery. This increases capacity and lowers costs. Also means larger hotel groups will use the company

A. directors have invested personal funds into the business to aid the growth
Also in order to cut staff costs machinery has been invested in . This increases capacity and lowers costs. Also means larger hotel groups will use the company

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London, UK

"Servicing London since 1978."

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