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With a user-friendly design, JOIZI provides durable, waterproof PeapodMats to assist those in need, providing a practical solution for those with disabilities, post-operation, children, and even pets. It has been well-designed to suit those with different conditions in different life situations. The money raised for JOIZI will go towards funding stock purchases.

To make your everyday life easier.

JOIZI was founded with one vision, to make our consumers’ everyday lives easier. For the reason of convenience, designed to stay in place without straps or flaps, our PeapodMats are loved by all people of all ages. They have been particularly popular with parents, whose children experience bedwetting or are going through potty training. For our baby line, we have used contemporary colours to make every item unique and fit nicely with any nursery interior design. PeapodMats are a safe alternative to PVC mattress protectors, created in three different sizes to suit every situation.

Our mats are also environmentally friendly as they are reusable, providing a conscientious alternative to single-use plastic products.

Our team behind JOIZI are experts in the fields of e-commerce, digital marketing, operations, and customer service. With years of experience running e-commerce websites, JOIZI has a good online presence. We will be using the funds raised to purchase stock to expand our business.

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This mat is amazing! My girl is 5 and has very tricky sensory needs. If it crinkles, crunches or creases she won't sleep on it, but then our Peapodmat arrived. Not only is it brilliantly waterproof, she also slept in her own bed throughout the night!


COVID-19 Resilience:
The e-commerce sector has recently risen by 68% since April due to the impacts of COVID-19, showing this sector to be quite resilient in our current circumstance.

Credit Risk Comments:
Both business directors are providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. One of the directors is a homeowner, this does not mean there are assets to cover the loan in the event the business fails. The business has had good first-year accounts and positive customer reviews. There have been no CCJs for the business or directors. The business is earlier stage however a higher than normal interest rate has been offered to reflect these risks.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
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Marianna Irena Raszkowska

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"To make your everyday life easier."

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