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IMC has witnessed an impressive annual growth rate exceeding 60% in recent years. Specializing in reducing international call fees for businesses, they provide a range of value-added services aimed at enhancing business communications. Notably, they have been honoured with the Best Telecoms Marketplace award for five consecutive years. We are thrilled to welcome IMC back to Crowd2Fund as they pursue further expansion.

To become the de facto marketplace for International telecom trade

IMC provides an innovative platform that reduces international call fees for businesses. We give companies cost-effective business communication solutions by offering a host of value-adding services, a rich portfolio of voice, SMS, data and international settlement services to the global carrier community, giving our clients peace of mind and often improving cash flows.

We’re multi-award winning for our international settlement service, BoTCoin® Market, commercially launched in 2019. We’ve also been awarded ‘Best Innovative Value-Added Service Provider’ for delivering a whole host of services to help carriers make the most out of every minute and SMS. Our services are multilingual with expert account managers that help with deal negotiations across the globe. What makes the company unique is the staff and their commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make a difference to the telco industry. Our commitment to providing a leading service has resulted in an average of 30 new Members joining every month.

Based in Chelmsford, with a 3-year CAGR growth of 125.5% and 60% annual growth rate over the past few years. IMC carries over billions of international minutes each year. We have a 100% owned subsidiary called IMC Chile SpA that is developing the group's Latin America business. The capacity for growth is exponential, with funds raised we plan to continue to grow and innovate new services that will transform business communication.

Credit Commentary:
The director Mark Stewart is providing a personal guarantee, which means should the business fail and have insufficient assets within the business to repay the loan, we can look to the guarantor(s) to repay any shortfall on repayment. There have been no CCJs for the business or director. Based on the fact that the client has previously done business with us and has a good track record of repaying their debts, by their recent management accounts we analysed a DSC score of 3.74 and a net gearing ratio of -20%. These figures indicate a moderate level of financial risk. The client’s EBITDA is £27 million, which falls within our credit policy. The client’s TNW is positive at £49 million. While the director of the company is not a homeowner, their spouse is. The business’s turnover has increased by 47% between 2022 and 2023. Additionally, their bank statements from the last three months show a consistent and positive cash flow.

Inflation Risk:
As the majority of lending to the business is at a fixed rate, they will not be immediately affected by interest rate increases. The directors do not expect to draw money from the business as the funds will be used for business expansion.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 109k
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Funded 18 days ago in 29 days

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Mark Julian Stewart

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Chelmsford, UK

"To become the de facto marketplace for International telecom trade"

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