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Operating under the name Impact Living, we support those in need through the restoration of neglected properties, helping develop skills necessary for employment, pointing those seeking help for mental health issues in the right direction, and more. We want this round of funding to further allow us to refurbish properties and keep more people off the streets.

Believe in a better life.

As the number of young people living on the streets grew, we became more and more aware that something needed to be done to not only restore run down communities but give hope and support to those who had nowhere else to go. From this vision, Impact Living was born and since 1997 we have not stopped dedicating ourselves towards achieving this goal.

We started off in Bradford after being leased a five-story building, that had seen better days. At the time we obtained the lease on it, the building was under-chosen and frequently vandalised; but after a total refurbishment and renovation with the help of a wealth of volunteers (some of whom were to become our first residents), the block of flats was transformed into a set of good quality, modern apartments for people aged 16-25 who were in desperate need. This played a part when in our first year we were awarded a regional award by the National Housing and Town Planning Council, followed by another award by the National Housing Award from the Chartered Institute of Housing for “Good Practise in Tackling Social Exclusion” in 1999. Since 2000, we have purchased 8 properties for us to develop, to help even more people find their feet.

Our support doesn't end at refurbishing properties. According to Mind, in any given week 1 in 6 people in the UK will report experiencing a mental health problem, and our support extends to providing psychiatric support to those suffering through referrals to counsellors and mental health specialists. Our structure of support goes even further to help people gain the skills that they need to obtain and hold down a job, allowing them independence and positive control over their life.

Various communities have been positively affected by our projects and support, but these require funding. With your pledges we want to go further towards completing our property-based projects through refurbishment and restoration.


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£ 50k
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Property Refurbishment

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Nigel Anthony Delaney

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"Believe in a better life."

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