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Ignite Sport UK provide sports education, inspiring children to increase their participation in physical activity. Their unique programmes, available in and out of schools, are run throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Berkshire, offering the opportunity to gain a range of qualifications. Ignite Sport is also the official community partner of Oxford City FC, opening up exciting scope for collaboration. With the funds raised, they will develop digital products, such as online courses, and hire additional staff.

Taking sports to the next level

At Ignite Sport UK, we were founded with the aim of inspiring children with a love of sport. We run a wide range of courses, including community coaching, elite academies, and holiday camps to encourage the uptake of physical activity, aimed at children from as young as 4 years old, to young adults of 18. We offer the chance for young people to learn as well as have fun, so our activities are government-backed and we offer the following qualifications: NGB coaching, NVQs, BTECs, and ActivTech awards.

As a central part of our community, we have excellent collaborations with key organisations. Our key partnership is with Oxford City FC, with whom we developed the Oxford Football Partnership, alongside the City of Oxford College, which is a programme supporting around 100 teenagers. The Oxford City FC Football Academy provides the opportunity for aspiring football players to take part in a comprehensive training and playing schedule to refine their skills. We also work with Oxford City Ladies' FC to run girls-only camps, inspiring more girls to take up the sport, and we are a large-scale provider for the McDonald's Fun Football scheme, reaching over 500,000 children.

This is an exciting time for Ignite Sports UK as we plan to roll out digital products to accompany our services and increase the effectiveness of our training. We will use the funds raised in this campaign to develop online course that will enable coaches, teachers and activity leadership practitioners to gain our leadership skills, analysis tools, practical training tips and support on-the-go. This will increase our scope for internationalisation— in fact, we have developed partnerships in Japan to develop our training provision. We will also recruit further staff to assist as we enter into the next phase of our business growth.


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A. Hi Chris yes it is that's correct. This was the best way to achieve additional funding with C2F to meet our needs and it also assists in generating cashflow for the business

A. Hi Allan good question thanks, the drop in profits is mainly due to reduced revenues from the apprenticeship sector due to changes in the market and also we have recruited a strong GM to drive the operation forwards and enable a more strategic approach. We are showing a profit of £50k so far for the months Dec-May. We have developed apprenticeship products to increase revenues in this income area which will launch in the summer. please email me for more info

A. Hi Jonathan thanks for the question. We have forecast a 2019 profit of £70k. We are currently on track to achieve this, maybe slightly less as we have taken an opportunity to invest in facilities and infrastructure. This means moving forward we will have less costs for facilities and a strong base to develop our online materials.

A. Hi Jocelyn, We will be developing online courses to meet the needs of coaches, primarily football based although open to other practitioners. The content has been written from a variety of sources and develops the coach through reflective practice and implementing concepts introduced via video/presentations and worksheets to apply in situ. Our partnership in Japan involves us delivering seminars in Tokyo with practical workshops for coaches and players. We are also to open Tokyo Summer Camp.

A. Hi Golnar the online provision will assist in gaining both formal qualifications and by making available bespoke courses we have designed. The formal qualifications will be supported by elements delivered through the online materials in a blended learning approach. The development of non formal coaching programmes online will allow for more flexibility in content and support coaches knowledge requirements across a broad range of topics

A. Hi Golnar good question thank you. We have been delivering sports based vocational qualifications for many years and our research has been mainly through reaching out to our customer base and through a successful pilot this year. Many coaches lead busy lives with children and business commitments and struggle to commit to the time frames of formal courses. We want to provide an alternative where coaches can develop key skills in their leisure. Email for more info

A. Hi Jakob, good question thank you. The apprenticeship sector of our business took s down turn as the new system for apprenticeships utilising the Apprenticeship Levy was met with confusion across our sector. The Frameworks we offer were poorly funded and it is only now there are new apprenticeship standards available. We have positioned ourselves well moving forward to increase this income strand. We also reduced some of the less profitable work to focus on long term profitability

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