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Ideal Medical Solutions is a distribution company delivering the best medical products and the latest in global innovation across the UK and Ireland. Their aim is simple: to supply the specialist products necessary to support a sustainable healthcare system, in both the public and private sectors. With a recent opening for trade with the NHS, Ideal Medical Solutions are raising funds to expand their wide range of products and increase stock in preparation.

Bringing medical innovation to the UK

At Ideal Medical Solutions, we're experts in medical devices and products. We supply the most advanced technology and inventions in the healthcare sector throughout the UK and Ireland, with a commitment to helping professionals provide better care, and allowing patients better recoveries. We therefore champion global innovation, which is reflected in every product we trade and our work has been recognised in the Excellence in Surgical Products Awards.

We have a vast portfolio, including products for burns, plastics, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, and wound care. For example, we have state-of the-art antimicrobial adhesives with external surfaces eliminating contamination by microorganisms; next-generation surgical scaffolds for soft tissue regeneration; a newly developed formula of wound care gel; and an accessible fat transfer collection and filter unit that works inline with any existing equipment. A recent success was the distribution of UroShield, which will help approximately 90,000 Britons a year who are fitted with a urinary catheter.

We're now seeking money to continue our support of a sustainable healthcare system through the supply of world-leading products. We stand apart from our competition by offering quality: the NHS has recently let go of a cheaper supplier, so this opens up a fantastic opportunity for us to make a difference. Therefore, we require funds to grow our product lines further, in preparation for entering the next phase of our business growth.


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£ 60k
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A. We have several plans for this and we are working with our suppliers to make sure where possible a minimal impact. We have some protection in our contracts around tariff charges

A. Sorry just got back in the office today. All questions will be answered.

A. We have invested in a new product which is higher a unit value. The NHS expects free samples for trials so this has had an impact. We have crossed charged some admin costs to another business which has reduced the cost.

A. All products are on exclusive rights for the UK. We also always look for USPs to help sell/promote vs the competition. Our long standing relationships with the NHS also help.

A. We are already selling this product its to increase the SKU as a major competitor has pulled from the market due to supply issues so we have a big opportunity at the moment if we can offer a full range.

A. Hi Jakob currently its about 40% from USA 40% for EU and 20% ROW

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"Bringing medical innovation to the UK"

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