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Capital at risk
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The Hummus Bros bond allows investors to loan money to Hummus Bros, with the company agreeing to pay the investor interest quarterly and redeem your initial investment when the bonds mature.

We're a London-based chain of restaurants serving healthy & tasty Mediterranean food. We cater for events & meetings and operate 50 popups a month.


Hummus Bros was born on a glorious hot day in May 2003, when, as two college friends, we were searching for something filling and healthy that would taste great, and still leave some change for drinks at the Union Bar. Passing on the usual options of pizza or sandwiches, we stumbled out of a small specialist delicatessen with three basic ingredients: pitta bread, hummus and olive oil. In no time at all, the bowls of hummus were wiped spotlessly clean.

After operating food stalls in various markets around London we opened our first branch in August 2005 on Wardour Street. We subsequently opened branches close to Holborn (2007), St Paul's (2009) and Exmouth Market (2013).

Since April 2013 we've pioneered a way to operate popups in corporate restaurants. We started with Goldmans Sachs, British Airways and JP Morgan and now operate about 50 per month in HSBC, Google, UBS, Bank of America...

In July 2014 we reached a milestone of 35,000 meals or 5 tonnes of hummus per month! We guarantee the consistency of the food by producing some of it centrally which presents significant benefits in terms of economy of scale.

In August 2014 we launched our first book which was selected as best cookbook by Waterstones and is ranked #3 on Amazon's Middle Eastern cookbooks.

From the outset and over the past 9 years we have worked tirelessly with the aim of creating the #1 hummus brand in the world

And if you were wondering - we are not brothers - although our customers often say that we look like brothers!

-Christian Mouysset & Ronen Givon


We offer two types of main courses:

Hummus Bowls - our signature dish - bowls of hummus topped with classic dishes such as beef stew, sauteed chicken, guacamole, falafel, aubergine and accompanied by pitta bread.

Wraps - chicken or falafel wraps with fresh salsa, cabbage and hummus and accompanied by tortilla chips.

We also serve a selection of salads, drinks and desserts. At lunch customers spend between £5-£7 and at dinner between £9-£11.

We focus on taste, value for money, freshness & simplicity.


This instrument allows you to loan money to Hummus Bros and we agree to pay you interest quarterly and redeem your initial investment (the 'principal') when the Bonds mature.

The Hummus Bros Bonds will be issued by Hummus Brothers Ltd.

Hummus Bros Bonds are a simple investment where for an initial investment of £50 or more, Hummus Brothers Ltd will provide registered holders of Hummus Bros Bonds (Bondholders) with a fixed-rate return of 8% gross interest per annum over the course of a five year term. This rate is gross of fees and any personal taxes of the investor.

On maturity of the Hummus Bros Bonds, the full amount of your initial investment will be repaid without any deductions or charges.


Our goals for 2017 are:

expand from 4 high street locations to 7 within central London, which we expect to grow sales by £1.35m annually and increase pre-central EBITDA by £250k
grow our corporate popup restaurants from 50 to 200, with expected additional sales of £1.65m per per annum and additional pre-central EBITDA of £300k
implement a food truck, which we estimate will generate sales of £400k annually and pre-central EBIDTA of £75k
increase corporate deliveries and events from £6k per month to £20k per month

The full investor presentation is available in the downloadable business plan, including the full terms and conditions.


Bond - product type
£ 150k
£ 164k
Est close date
Funded 6 years ago in 101 days

Where will the funds go?

Launch of 1 new high street location
Launch of a 2nd new location (if overfunded)
Launch of a 3rd new location (if overfunded)

Key people

Christian Mouysset
Ronen Givon
Jon Hassall
Managing Director
Fred Edwards
Investor / Advisor

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"We're a London-based chain of restaurants serving healthy & tasty Mediterranean food. We cater for events & meetings and operate 50 popups a month."

Business stage
17 years, 8 months
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