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Hotelfone is a bespoke reservation service, helping support luxury hotels manage their often erratic and demanding phone reservation process. With over 40 hospitality clients and a team of trained customer care professionals, all experts in sales, Hotelfone's telecoms technology offers the ability to never miss a potential booking again. They are raising funds for the recruitment and training of further staff, as well as developing their online and marketing outputs in preparation for tackling new markets.

Helping hotels never miss a potential booking

Hotelfone is a uniquely tailored telecoms solution for the demanding customer service underpinning hotel reservations. Our founder is a seasoned expert in the high-end hotel and leisure market, both in the UK and overseas, meaning we know first-hand the value of making a great impression at the first point of contact. Therefore, our service helps 4 and 5 star hospitality establishments best manage reservations with our team of multi-lingual sales experts, available 7 days a week, 362 days a year.

We currently service over 40 hotel clients, and have an excellent track record of success. We work closely to tailor to our clients' needs and adapt to their booking systems for the most efficient handover. Our aim is to ensure our clients never miss a potential booking again, so we send management reports to track progress, which show high conversation rates, made up of 78% new customers. We recently launched a new service, Hotellivechat to improve the conversion of website visitors using non-intrusive software and data collection. This has provided clients with a 25% increase in conversions and booking values have risen by 35%.

To aid us in the next phase of our business as we begin to target new markets and acquire additional contracts, we will use the funds raised in this campaign to hire and train further staff to the highest standard. Further to this, we will develop our website and marketing procedures to gain the best possible exposure. Finally, the remainder will go towards covering the legal agreement and PR involved in expanding into new sectors.


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£ 40k
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A. The issue of "no taxes" relates to corporation tax which is not due, as early year trading losses can be offset against profits in later years .

A. Apologies for the delay in responding but I have been travelling on business this afternoon and evening . We do actually pay all our taxes that are due.

A. Thanks for the information on the typo ,it will be changed today. Our contracts are on a 12 month rolling contract after the initial first 4 months of service to make sure it works out for both parties, either party can leave we no obligation at the end of the first 4 months. We have 42 contracts at present across the UK to individual hotels , the % of income from our largest contract is around 36% last year but will be a smaller % this year as we bring on more hotels.

A. Our current model deals with some hotels that have award winning restaurants and spas, the expansion of the markets is to assist in booking these services also over the phone. Both services have been piloted and agin the phone demand is there. Particularly on the Spa requirements where individual treatments are requested by the customer, in order to expand this service we need to market it, promote it , receipt more personnel and train these individuals. our own website will also be enhanced.

A. Whilst there is certainly an increase in direct bookings via internet channels the phone traffic is still a preferred option for our client hotels which are in the independent luxury sector and bookings for special occasions require more information that needs to have the personal service, special requests or particular room requirements.

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"Helping hotels never miss a potential booking"

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