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High Wycombe Sushi are a successful franchisee, currently managing several sushi kiosks across the South East. They have food kiosks down to a fine art and are now branching out to a new cuisine. With the funds raised from this second campaign on Crowd2Fund, they will open a Brazilian brazitos snack kiosk in High Wycombe under the Bright Foods franchise, to continue expanding and diversifying their enterprise.

The authentic, Brazilian, gluten-free snack.

Here at High Wycombe Sushi we are proud representatives of a popular sushi franchise, making our innovative, Japanese-inspired fusion food by hand, crafted to perfection in front of you. Since our last raise with Crowd2Fund we have expanded our business further, and now run several sushi kiosks around the South East.

We are going to use the knowledge, skills and experience from our successful network of sushi kiosks to branch out with a new franchised kiosk, specialising in the traditional Brazilian snack, brazitos. Made with cheese and tapioca flour, these soft, warm cheese balls are mouthwateringly tasty and are naturally gluten-free. We will be selling the brazitos with a range of other Brazilian snacks, including empanadas and papaya drinks. Bright Foods, the franchise, goes above and beyond to source the best quality ingredients and already have successful franchisees based in Bristol and Swindon.

With the funds raised, we will be opening our first Brazitos kiosk in High Wycombe where we already part of the community.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Revenueshare - product type
£ 40k
£ 25k
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17d 15h

Where will the funds go?

Launch new kiosk

Key people

Clebson Mota Vasconcellos
Jessica Adey

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A. Sorry but C2F has checked all my papers otherwise they wouldn't run another campaign for me. you can either ask them or share your email and as I said before im more than happy to show it.

A. I don't have any data just being for 4 years in the area with my sushi kiosk and knowing the Brazilians and Latina americans leaving in the area and also working for me, plus there is a big face book group of Brazilians that leave in high Wycombe so if you don't leave in the area that can be a good base. They mostly leave in the area for the cheaper rental compared to London but still good pay to do services like cleaning or baby siting for the up middle class in Beaconsfield and Marlow.

A. Eden shopping center. its near our busiest shop

A. I sent all to crowd2fund team. I don't know how could share it here but if its possible Im happy to do it.

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"The authentic, Brazilian, gluten-free snack."

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