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HFI Consulting is a business focused on legal advice and business consulting for companies looking to expand their portfolios into water and energy in the Middle East. They have offices in Dubai, Aberdeen, Cairo, and London. Moreover, they are proud to maintain a large network of clients and associates. They have been in operation for over 20 years, and their track record of success is proof that that time was not for naught.

Working with advanced technology and know-how businesses in the energy sector to drive international business expansion in the energy transition.

I started up HFI consulting after many years of practising law in the international energy sector. I knew my expertise would be extremely valuable to other clients, and decided that my own advice and consultancy business would be the best way to utilise it. Now, over 20 years later, we are one of the market-leaders in energy consultancy. We operate out of four main offices - two in Dubai, one in Aberdeen, and one in Cairo. We also operate a smaller office in London as well. We support clients to establish, expand and divest their international businesses through strategic, value-added consulting and legal services, combining specialist know-how, connections, local partners and execution expertise.

What makes us stand out from our competitors? Our network. We have a vast network of clients and associates including the Energy Industries Council (EIC), the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the Global Underwater Hub (GUH). Through this network we are able to provide first-class advice and consulting to businesses looking to expand into the lucrative energy and water sector in the Middle East. Networks breed both opportunity and innovation, and HFI is extremely proud of the network we have cultivated over the last 20 years.

HFI is one of the industry leaders in energy and water consultancy for the Middle East. My work, and the work of HFI, was acknowledged by my appointment to the GlobalScot business ambassador network in 2017. This provides further weight and worth to our already abundant network of clients and partners. HFI has a proven track record over the last 20 years in the specialist arena of advanced energy technology ventures, combining specialist know-how, connections, local partners and execution expertise. Thanks to our international resource base, HFI is also mostly unaffected by inflation, other than the costs of financing/working capital.

Credit Commentary:
The director Hugh Fraser is providing a personal guarantee, which means should the business fail, and there are insufficient assets within the business to repay the loan, we can look to the guarantor(s) to repay any shortfall on repayment. The director has a moderate financial profile, and the company holds an Equifax Report of C-. Our credit assessment states a Medium-level risk rate due to the moderate business profile. Unaudited year-end figures provided by the company for 2023 show a net profit of £99k and the company’s Debt service capacity shows that the company is generating enough cash to pay the required principal and interest on the loan. The director can be traced for several years with no issues.

Inflation Risk:
As the majority of lending to the business is at a fixed rate, they will not be immediately affected by interest rate increases


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"Working with advanced technology and know-how businesses in the energy sector to drive international business expansion in the energy transition."

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