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Capital at risk
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Heriot Hughes are chartered accountants in Crosby, Liverpool, taking care of business owners and individuals by helping them make and save money. Offering personalised services, they pride themselves on being flexible, upfront, and approachable, with the testimonies to prove it. The funds raised will be used for training, as well as new equipment and software, as Heriot Hughes continue to assist local businesses with all their accounting needs.

Helping businesses make and save more money, hassle-free

Heriot Hughes originates from an old family name, handed down through the Hughes family for generations. Our founder, John Hughes, is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and Registered Auditor, who set up Heriot Hughes in 1997. We specialise in business start-ups, company formation, payroll production, VAT, various forms of tax, and financial planning.

Our ethos is simple: we help people and businesses make money, save money, and free up their time as the hassle is taken out of accounting. Our staff are qualified to a high standard, insured, and proactive; we take a friendly approach, offering our guidance and support in running your business. Transparency and trust are key to building our reputation and enhancing our services, so we offer fixed rates and free consultations.

We've earned a commendable reputation in North West England, with extensive testimonials from satisfied clients. Our entrepreneurial approach in particular is praised: we look not only at the numbers, but for genuine opportunities for businesses to develop, as John from Key Training and Development Ltd says. Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years, proving that we assist and can accommodate business growth.

As our own business expands, we're raising funds for training our staff, growing their skillset to keep our service at the top of its game. We will also use the money raised to purchase new equipment and software, allowing us to remain cutting-edge in an evolving market.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 44k
£ 44k
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Where will the funds go?

Training, equipment, and software

Key people

John Hughes
Joanna Hughes

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A. Turnover is forecast to be £450,000 with PBT up to £145000. We have spent a significant amount of time marketing and this is just starting to show results

A. The majority of the money will be spent on training being approx 60 % with the remaining split evenly between equipment and software

A. I think it doesn't portray the image that we want, but have a new website being developed as we speak which looks significantly fresher. The new site focuses on cloud accounting and the opportunity afforded by Making Tax Digital.

A. Yes a good question,11% is significant, but believe that the return that we can generate will be far greater. In an ideal world we would have saved but opportunities have arisen outside the business which required financial input and the return on these will be highly beneficial to us personally. I have never been afraid of borrowing money and calculate and plan accordingly.

A. We are constantly on the look out for the right staff and have very specific requirements, so interview many but select a few. We have a great team and are looking to expand but have to be able to deliver the service expected with the right team.

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"Helping businesses make and save more money, hassle-free"

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