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Hedgehog Lab Ltd are an award-winning technology consulting firm that have designed software solutions for some of the biggest names in the UK across multiple platforms to prepare them to thrive in a post-PC generation. The funds raised over the course of this campaign will be used to allow the business to expand further through the completion of multiple ongoing projects.

Enhancing customer experience through innovative and immersive technology.

We have grown from a two-man team to have 6 locations worldwide from where we design ideal software solutions for companies that range in size from 1-man startups to corporations that have a reach that extends globally.

One of our core values is that people are our greatest asset, and we incorporate this key ideal into every project that we are involved in. The aim of our software is not simply to make something that is practical and user-friendly but something that turns customers of our clients into fans who can grow to love our apps and interact with our products across multiple platforms, including VR. A key example of making sure that we understand our audience is DiabetIQ, which was our solution to help diabetes sufferers track insulin levels while guiding them on a journey to a healthier lifestyle through providing a library containing hundreds of low-carb recipes and suggested meal plans.

The wealth of big names who make up our proud history, have all experienced huge benefits from our innovative and immersive tech solutions through a variety of apps and products including companion apps, such as the Jamie's 15 Minute Meals one that was created for Channel 4, and web apps that extend across various platforms; an example being the Top 1000 Banks project completed for the Financial Times .

We have grown on a massive scale since our inception to become more than app developers, forming partnerships which have added value to allow us to produce our best work. With this funding we aim to grow even further to provide more positive experiences to clients and their users alike.


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£ 54k
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Key people

Sarat Pediredla
Mark Forster
Chief Product Officer/Founder
Ray Clarke
Chief Design Officer
Paul Barrow
Finance Director

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"Enhancing customer experience through innovative and immersive technology."

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