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Gutcare are expert endoscopy practitioners, running independent outpatient clinics and working with NHS trusts and hospitals. They tackle the problem of growing strains on the NHS with a team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, while maintaining competitive prices for clients. Gutcare will use the funds raised on marketing recruitment and to set up a new office as they continue to expand their insourcing business model.

Expert endoscopy assisting the NHS

Gutcare is the solution for patients who require a range of endoscopy services and wish to avoid the NHS waiting list. Formed in 2005, by Dr Premchand, who has been performing endoscopy for 25 years in a busy London hospital. He spotted a requirement to better utilise endoscopy rooms in hospitals to meet patients' needs. We quickly grew into a team of over 40 like-minded medical professionals and combined resources to offer services including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and polypectomy.

All our staff are registered with the NHS supply chain and are compliant with all national framework agreements and contracts, including CRB checks and are always JAG approved. We take extreme care to ensure the required training and qualifications are upheld. The benefit of using Gutcare is that we are not restricted by NHS targets and strict penalties, thereby allowing us to minimise the use of heavy management resources and focus instead on delivering an excellent service at competitive prices.

We work by teaming with NHS trusts and hospitals, who insource our services and expertise. This is a mutually beneficial model, which works to better NHS performance on a wider scale. Therefore, we want to spread the word and encourage other healthcare organisations to take up our model. We will use the money raised in this campaign to increase our promotion by hiring a dedicated marketing team member, as well as to establish a new office to accommodate our growth.


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£ 53k
£ 53k
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Recruitment and new office
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Key people

Dr Prem Premchand

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"Expert endoscopy assisting the NHS"

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