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Green Team Partnership was founded in 2011 with an aim to increase customer awareness of ‘Green’ technologies. We are a MCS accredited installer of renewable technologies, offering in-house design expertise for biomass, solar PV and ground source heat pumps. Our business has grown over the years to include boiler and central heating system installations, electrical works and home automation. We are now looking for funding to set up our second wood drying plant with the aim to provide wood chip and logs to our many customers who have installed biomass and our additional new customers.

We specialise in the provision of the most up-to-date heating, plumbing, electrical and home automation systems to make your home more environmentally friendly.

Green Team Partnership’s ethos is to provide an outstanding service that focuses on quality, reliability, honesty, value for money and high quality workmanship in the heating, electrical, home automation and renewable energy field. Here at GTP, we believe our employees are among the most valuable resources we have and, therefore, have some of the best in their field of expertise.

We work with you to ensure you gain the best economic, environmental and financial value from your solution for either domestic or commercial purposes. When combined with our commitment to deliver to the best standard, we are able to provide a service which is second to none. We provide a nationwide, after-sales service to support our projects and assist with the applications needed for ‘Green Installations’.

That's why the services we offer for domestic properties are as follows:
Boiler installation
Boiler finance
Home automation
Home & refurbishment

And the services we offer for commercial properties are as follows:
Combined heat & power
Home automation
Home & refurbishment

Our continued success depends on the people who use our services and work with us, and it is our mission to create long term and valued relationships with every customer. We bring experience, expertise, and commitment to all the projects we undertake, thus enabling us to provide you with best-in-class project solutions, whether that be a new central heating system; electrical re-wire or a renewable energy installation.

Our current biomass installations are mainly in the North East, Cumbria, Scottish Borders and Yorkshire. We continue to service the boilers after installation and have found a number of issues which in the main have been caused by the quality of the fuel, therefore, we have decided to set up a fuel supply division where we will look to provide consistent, virgin high quality, dry and contaminant free, wood fuel for biomass boilers.

Lack of knowledge regarding the effect that wet and/or contaminated fuel can have on a biomass boiler has meant consumers have been purchasing poor quality sub-standard fuel. Increased wear and tear, increased maintenance costs and reduced boiler output performance has resulted from this type of inadequate fuel, ultimately leading to reduced boiler lifespan. The funds would be to set up the drying plant at a proposed site in Yorkshire which would complement our existing site in Alnwick.

The loan will be secured against the new biomass boilers.


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£ 266k
£ 266k
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Funded 5 months ago in 28 days

Where will the funds go?

Purchase of 2 x 550kW biomass boilers

Key people

Kristopher Anthony Grey
Managing Director

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A. Security is with the 2 x 600kW biomass boilers plus a directors guarantor. Once the boilers are commissioned we will be registering them with ofgem for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). We anticipating running the boilers for 7000 hrs a year which in turn will generate an RHI income for the next 20 years of £205,000 per annum which is linked to CPI. This is in addition to wood chip sales.

A. The loan is required for the purchase of 2 x 600kW biomass boilers only, all other costs are being met by the company. Running the boilers for 7000 hrs will generate a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income for the next 20 years of £205,000 per annum. Wood chip sales is expected to be around 5,000 tonnes per annum. On receipt of the boilers we would expect to be up and running within 6 weeks. The 2 drying floors are already in place.

A. The RHI is guaranteed income and runs for 20 years and will follow CPI. The current scheme we are signing up to will pay £0.0524 for the first 788,400kW per annum and then reducing to £0.0227 per kW. As we anticipate each boiler to run for 7000 hrs per annum or 4,200,000kW we are expecting income through the scheme to total £107,883.55 per boiler each year so over the 20 years £4,315,342 total income plus CPI for the 2 boilers.

A. There is a common misconception that cutting down a tree is not good for the environment. Here at GTP we have an ethical planting policy in place. We ensure that all the wood purchased from our supply chain comes from properly managed woodlands that comply with the Forestry Commission Standard for managing woodlands. That means for every tree that gets cut down for our wood chip production many more get replanted. These new growing trees absorb more carbon than mature trees.

A. Once accepted onto the scheme under the RHI you are entitled to support for 20 years. The tariff is set at submission (£0.0532p) and will be adjusted annually, in line with CPI.

A. All wood to date has been sourced locally, as it stands it is not financially viable to import.

A. Ruth, I'm not sure which question you did not think I answered, but for further clarification all wood to date has been sourced locally and that is are long term goal.

A. Morning Michael, I should be making my payment within the coming week and therefore I suspect your payment will follow on shortly after that. However you maybe best to speak to Crowd2fund to confirm an exact date.

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"We specialise in the provision of the most up-to-date heating, plumbing, electrical and home automation systems to make your home more environmentally friendly."

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