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Green Lanes Farming focus on producing the highest quality beef in the UK through innovative methods. Their cattle rearing facilities, flexible way of operating, and defining principles of high welfare standards has enabled them to grow an impressive 400% every year. Green Lanes Farming are recognised by the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming, and start apart from the competition by implementing technology and data analysis to yield maximum returns. With the money raised, they will recruit more staff and purchase more stock to manage their cash flow.

Traditional farming, modern thinking

At Green Lanes Farming, we provide an integrated supply chain with the aim of producing great quality beef. Our livestock comprises of young, male Friesian cows, many of which would traditionally end up as waste products of the dairy industry. We either keep our cattle on our family farmland in Midhurst or outsource the rearing process to contracted third parties, who then return them to us when they're ready to trade. This flexible approach means we has a fast turn-around time – as one batches leaves, another one comes in – to keep the business stream flowing. We pioneer the use of technology, such as automated handling and electronic identification, and data analysis to ensure optimal operation. This measurability enables us to improve accuracy and, in turn, performance.

Our principles are clear and we practice responsible farming in accordance with our high welfare standards. We're proud to be recognised by the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming, with our mortality rate being far better than the industry average. This means we're cautious with our antibiotic usage, preventing respiratory problems in our livestock and pay close attention to environment, diet, and administer preventative vaccinations to all cattle; we work closely with Westpoint Farm Vets to ensure the necessary care is provided. In addition, we use ecologically sustainable production methods and support local students at Harper Adams University through scholarships, in the hope that our principles will be widely replicated.

We've experienced an outstanding annual growth rate of 400% and have seen the opportunity to maximise this even more. For us, Brexit presents an opportunity for the UK to seek its food supply internally and increase demand, thereby allowing us to thrive domestically and open up the possibility of exporting. We're now raising money to purchase further stock, recruit additional team members, and consolidate existing finance, all to continue our growth plans. We recognise there is room for development within our software systems, and aim to improve this as we move forward.


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Jack Stilwell

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"Traditional farming, modern thinking"

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