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Green City Solutions Ltd strive to provide businesses across the UK with high-quality technological solutions, with an emphasis on building infrastructure and technology that is tailored for each business. This funding will go towards helping the company through multiple channels such as furnishing a brand new office, and taking on new projects.

Supporting environmentally friendly solutions to the highest level.

Our aim is not just to provide a high quality of services through our market-leading solutions, but also to deliver them in a hassle free way that further fulfils our vision of delivering the greenest IT and communications solutions in the market.

We understand that every business is unique, and that they way that they operate should reflect each individual process. Each solution that we provide for our portfolio of clients is tailored to their needs, and can both support our clients' existing telephone and connectivity software or introduce them to new software that is more cost-effective and fits into their process more seamlessly.

The increasing amount of businesses who have benefited from our dedication towards cost-effective and efficient technology solutions is not the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. With every relationship we build, we ensure that the work that we are doing adheres to a strict environmental policy that is reviewed yearly to ensure that our staff, customers, suppliers and neighbours achieve a series of objectives. This includes reducing waste, pollution and noise both locally and in the wider environment; and increasing cost-effectiveness by reducing our consumption of energy and raw materials.

We are planning on using the funding to continue our growth in the technology solutions sector, by purchasing furniture and fixtures for our brand new office, and allow ourselves to take on new projects so that more business can benefit from our expertise, while helping preserve the world around them.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 100k
£ 100k
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Roberto Baldacci
Mark Swindale

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A. Good morning Alex,
There has been a delay getting all the relevant parties together to sign the docs. Please bear with us while we rectify this but all should be up and running shortly. Thanks Andy

A. Hello Philip
The 2016 a/c's include the purchase of Quest so you are right it is not really comparing like for like.
The amalgamation vastly increased the Debtors but there is a £313.5k Interco amount relating to the purchase. This has obviously been settled.

A. Good afternoon Ernst,
We are still waiting for the final Stat a/cs but the drafts showed a £3k profit to July 2017. This includes costs from the acquisition of Total Solutions.

A. Software and Energy are both very profitable with obvious costs which makes it easy to monitor and ensure good profit is made.

A. Hello Jakob,
We have 1040+ customers over the vast amounts of services that we are trying to rationalise at the current time. Our biggest sectors are Software and Phone/Broadband Billing which constitutes 10 - 15% of the revenue but obviously it's a fast growing, changing business so that ratio is always changing.

A. For July 2018 the target is £4m t/o and £267k EBITDA.
Our target for July 2019 will include further acquisition so potentially £6m t/o and out target EBITDA is 10%. Although we need to be sensible about the teething problems of aquisition.

A. Good afternoon Alan,
The company purchased the Total Solutions group in November 2016. During the due diligence phase it looks as though profitability suffered and it wasn't until 2017 that the business started to make profit.
Therefore although the business looks flat via the accounts it was actually growth towards year end.
The liability increase will be the SPA agreements in relation to the new business.
I joined the business at the July year end.
I hope this helps


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"Supporting environmentally friendly solutions to the highest level."

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