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Since 2001, Genie9 have been developing award-winning cloud and data storage services for domestic and business use. Their two leading products are Zoolz Intelligent and BigMIND, which currently protect the data of over three million users around the world. As they continue to grow internationally following the success of their previous raises, Genie9 will use the money raised to expand their UK telecoms and Managed Services Provider sectors.

AI-powered protection and storage of data

Genie9 are international cloud-based storage solution pioneers, reacting to the growing problem of unsecured and unstructured data in both domestic and business settings. We trade as Zoolz, with our flagship products, Zoolz Intelligent and BigMIND, providing services that not only store and protect documents, photos, videos, and so on, with military-grade encryption, but uses AI to analyse the data. Adding this structure makes it easier for clients to search and locate files, much like a search engine.

We currently protect petabytes of data for over four million users from around the world. Some of our business clients include Harvard University, Dell, Acer, and Duracell, among others. We are also proud to be featured as top partner by Amazon AWS CEO. The benefit of our innovation to such companies is that data is stored on a unified cloud, can be shared securely, and ultimately saves time and efficiency in locating data.

Recently, we have been working in Japan, where we have over 500,000 paid subscribers, to extend our services into using different Internet Services Providers and Telecoms with our partner, This was a huge success, so we aim to replicate this in our UK and Western models. Therefore, we will use the funds raised in this campaign to facilitate this expansion, which will prove to be an exciting period of growth for us.


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£ 106k
£ 106k
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Funded 5 months ago in 17 days

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Expansion in telecoms and MSPs sector
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Muayyad Shehadeh

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A. Sorry, answering now, didn't get any notification!

A. No, it wont, this will be used to expand our Marketing, and Targeting Telecoms, as we are trying to copy success in Japan (500,000 Paid Subscribers), our white label solution in Japan

A. Don't know, please ask Crowd2Fund as they are handling all the loan regulations and rules

A. Subscription based , recurring, and royalty fee for big partners like in Japan, and others globally

A. We never missed any repayment, checking with crowd2fund now to see why its showing this!

A. Definitely, we are growing strong in Japan, and now working with south Korea , also we have 1000s of business globally using our solution and they are subscription based
List of current client:
Thank you

A. It wont matter, we already didnt calc Europe in 2019, we already have signed deals with many European businesses, 1000s of business and around 200 partners globally (, including earthlink in US, Japan is growing in great scale (500,000 paid subscriber), our focus is to expand UK during 2019, we have healthy revenue coming to UK from global places

A. Hello, please find below, we invested heavily in the technology, which is BigMIND Cloud with the A.I Layer
TURNOVER £2,024,712
Cost of sales (1,543,775)
Administrative expenses (391,044)

A. We had huge success in Japan under brand, we are working to mimic the success there in UK and Western Europe:
1- Hiring couple of Senior people to handle Big MSPs and Telecoms
2- Finalising BigMIND Technology to support OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure, As BigMIND Cloud is based on Amazon AWS Infrastructure, most Telecoms use Open Stack (We already did big part of the migration)
3- PR and Marketing , that BigMIND Cloud is supporting Open Stack now

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"AI-powered protection and storage of data"

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