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Genesis Fitness Training Ltd offer a range of courses for those looking to venture into a career in personal training and fitness instruction. They train and grant the qualifications needed for people to achieve their career goals, helping them improve themselves and subsequently others. The money raised in this campaign will be used to grow the business through expansion of workforce.

Empowering careers in fitness to help yourself and others.

We are a London-based training centre that offer a range of courses for people looking to start a career in fitness. From personal training to GP referral, sports massage to anatomy, our skills are fully certified and transferable. We aim to empower those looking to make a career change to improve themselves, and in turn the lives of others.

Our training centre is government-backed, which means that the courses we provide are fully funded through a grant, ensuring that those who take on the challenge of a career in health and fitness do not have to worry about the financial burden. Our courses are friendly, flexible, and fun - but most importantly, designed with your career in mind.

The qualifications that we have on offer are recognised YMCA Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications. Examples include our Award in Instructing Circuit Training Sessions, Diploma in Personal Training, and Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement. Through our training and dedication towards helping everyone who takes part in our programs, we are able to leave our students with the confidence and knowledge that they need to embark on a fulfilling career.

Our strong sense of community and network of support is what sets us apart from our larger competitors.
The wealth of testimonials that have been provided in favour of our excellent staff and training methods is evidence for the quality of our training. We want to build on this by hiring more people to allow our reach to expand further and give even more people the opportunity to begin their new path in life.


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£ 54k
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A. Hi Colin,

Yes that's correct we hope to raise awareness of our programmes in doing so recruiting more students.

Many Thanks

A. The Grant is available to anyone over the age of 19 Living in the UK - EU and UK applicants are eligible.

Many Thanks

A. Hi Jakob, at the moment we are recruiting for more trainers to run the courses in the new year - with the increased level of participants we hope to have we will need more staff to accommodate this.

Many Thanks Laura

A. Hi Alan,

Yes we also offer all our courses to commercially paying customers which is again very lucrative.

Many Thanks Laura

A. Hi Michael,
We rent all our premises so we do not need to have to have a full time venue - this works out more cost effective.
Thanks for your interest.

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"Empowering careers in fitness to help yourself and others."

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