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GDS Radios Ltd are two-way radio hire and sale specialists who, through a deep understanding of the needs of our customer base, provide the right product along with excellent service to a wealth of businesses for both long-term and short-term use. The relationships that we have with businesses in our customer base shows that there is more for us to offer in the form of new products, and with your funding we aim to expand our presence in the communication technology market.

The Complete Communications Package.

What do we mean by "The Complete Communications Package"? To us, this means that for every radio we rent out and every product we sell, we are with our customers every step of the way no matter how long we have worked together. This has been our ethos since the very beginning and we want to continue this mentality throughout the expansion of our product range.

So far, the radios that we have hired out have been from only the best brands, with our customers able to choose from high-quality technology suppliers such as Motorola, Kenwood, and Vertex, with access to a wide range of two-way radios that are both licensed and license-free. This allows us to have the right product for businesses in each sector whether it be for leisure centres, restaurants and bars, or for hotels.

Outside of hire, we also sell accessories for radio products so that our customers are completely happy with the operation of their radios and have all of their needs satisfied, with our catalogue including earpieces, batteries, speakers and chargers. As an independent radio supplier, with no ties to a specific brand, we can also make sure that if something goes wrong with a product from our site, we can repair it regardless of the brand.

We believe through our relationships with our customers that we can offer more to help them run their business, and so with this round of funding we aim to provide long term hire of electronic order and payment systems within the food and drink industry, and enter the body-cam market for those working within security at a range of events and businesses.

This is only possible through this round of funding, and we believe that with your pledges we can build more relationships with businesses and expand our product range so that we can further help our clients run their companies as efficiently as possible.


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"The Complete Communications Package."

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