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FX Technologies (Wessex) Ltd provide IT solutions for businesses, primarily to those who have recently undergone mergers and acquisitions. Their expert team provide a high level of support, managing the process of merging data systems and regulatory constraints. They will use the money raised to grow the size of their team and workspace, allowing for more projects to be managed simultaneously, and better integration experiences for their customers.

Global IT integration

Formed by a team of highly-skilled and experienced independent contractors, for nearly 15 years FX Technologies has specialised in helping merging companies integrate their systems seamlessly. We specialise in cloud migration, JIRA, and merging data; among other systems, we handle AWS, Amazon, and Office 365 setup, integration, and migration. Our aim is to find the best way to migrate data while following regulation in the most efficient manner.

Our expert team design a tailored approach for each client, making sure that they are delivered efficiently, for a reasonable cost and personal level of support. We understand that corporations with mixed IT environments require seamless transitions to the latest technology to ensure the smooth running of their business, so we're here to help.

We've built a positive reputation in our sector, but to be able to grow even further, we're raising funds to implement our strategy. This includes updating our equipment, refurbishing our office, hiring new staff, and initiating a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the quality of our service, provided without fail to our satisfied clients.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 200k
£ 115k
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Funded 5 months ago in 29 days

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Allan Harding

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A. HI there, we changed to a holding company as we have done before, I am still the ultimate owner of that company. Thanks

A. Hi , Part of the expansion is to bring in people who can be trained up in the running of the business and start that line of succession. Thanks

A. Hi, We reinvest a large amount of our Net Profits, however we are looking for some extra capital to smooth that transition over the next couple of years. That will allow us to spread the payments out rather than having to re-invest every single penny in 1 go.


A. Hi Colin, So I have over all control of the programmes, with external resources bought in as needed. I still get involved in the projects as over all owner. we have created some bespoke processes that are repeatable so we can outsource these as part of the work that we provide reducing the need for us to have too high a headcount overhead.

A. Very Little. The property business is largely run by other people with my over sight to ensure that its heading in the right direction. Its been setup to be as little day to day involvement for me as I can.


A. We currently have some M and A contracts booked to the end of 2020, Probably to be extended beyond that with a current value of £400k.

A. Hi Colin,
We currently have 2 full timers and rely on external freelance support when we need it.


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"Global IT integration"

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