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FX Technologies is a returning client with a perfect payment record. FX was founded by Allan Harding after 20 years of watching organisations struggle to transition to the latest technologies. Now, they help organisations with mixed IT environments make a seamless transition to the best new technologies. The group is currently seeking funds to capitalise on the growth of cloud services and organisations needs to integrate complex tech infrastructure.

Provide a leading, seamless end-to-end technology solution, helping companies transition to the latest technology.

At FX Technologies, we understand the need for a seamless transition to the latest technology. Therefore our goal is to help organisations with mixed IT environments to easily migrate from the old to the new. We specialise in helping companies integrate their IT solutions largely through Merger and Acquisition. Our goal is the timely delivery of an end-to-end technology solution that will dramatically improve an organisation’s performance results.

Having managed IT departments in the City for law and hedge funds, I realised there was a market for M&A specialisation. Alongside some experts in the field we saw an opportunity to change the way large technology migration and consolidation programmes are delivered. We take a new perspective for every project we work on. Our solutions are tailored to fit specific challenges presented, whilst keeping in mind cost, efficiency and maintaining a highly personal level of support.

In essence, our skills can help speed up the integration process through the knowledge and custom tools we have built to help with migrations. We are saving businesses time, money and energy by providing peace of mind and a smooth experience when it comes to transitioning to new technology. With a small and agile team of experts in the field, we deliver a leading service to a range of companies such as Innovation Group, Pearson, WSP, WPP, Howden Insurance and Teneo. We are thrilled to be bringing you this opportunity as we enter a phase of expansion.

Covid- resilience:
COVID had a positive effect on FX technologies. Demand for services increased and our ability to work remotely decreased our costs, increasing profits. FX technologies have increased revenues 3 x over the last 3 years.

Credit commentary:
The director is providing a personal guarantee, this means that if the business fails, the director becomes personally liable for the loan. The director is a homeowner, however, this does not ensure there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. There have been no CCJs against the business or directors. The Equifax score and grade, on which we base our assessment of risk, are based on the 2021 accounts. We have performed our assessment on recent financial information, including 2022 management accounts, which were not available to Equifax. The year-to-date management account shows that profit before tax is £289,458. The bank statements demonstrate reasonable affordability and the accounts remain well in credit.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 83k
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Funded 1 year ago in 25 days

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Debt consolidation

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Allan Graham Harding

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Chippenham, UK

"Provide a leading, seamless end-to-end technology solution, helping companies transition to the latest technology."

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