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FSG Property Services Ltd have been helping local authorities/housing associations to refurbish and improve their properties for nearly two decades. They are also active in the local community, providing job opportunities and courses to help people develop the skills for a career in construction. They require funds to aid their expansion and move into a new set of offices.

Committed to helping local authorities develop homes public space and other buildings to create sustainable communities.

We have a team carrying a wealth of experience in the property refurbishment and improvement sector allowing us to provide a range of services to local authorities/housing associations for both minor and major refurbishment projects. Every project that we take on is delivered in adherence to a set of core values where we aim to establish long-term partnerships through providing outstanding levels of service and quality, while always looking to improve the way that we work as a business.

Although our clients are predominantly within the social housing sector, we have a number of projects in our portfolio of case studies from the Commercial & Educational sector and Care & Supported Living sector. Outside of our projects we have committed ourselves to work with local charities and public sector organisations to improve quality of life and create job opportunities that allow people to learn vital skills that can help their employment prospects.

Our continued growth has allowed us help improve the quality of living standards for more and more people every year, and now we need funds so that we can accommodate our growing team by moving into a new office to accommodate an expanding team.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 156k
£ 69k
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Funded 6 months ago in 29 days

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Move into new premises
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Key people

Jonathan Lennox
Jason Morgan

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A. Yes we have a great pipeline for future development so over a period of 3/5 years these liabilities will be paid back.

A. Liabilities are the normal suppliers and creditors, we have a number of assets from plant to property. The Build department are moving into development and we have investors who have put a large amount of money into the company so we can secure some land. To make sure that money is protected they took a charge on the business. Hope that helps!

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"Committed to helping local authorities develop homes public space and other buildings to create sustainable communities."

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