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Frenchbubbles offer a unique collection of champagnes and wines from a range of hand-selected independent vineyards, including makers whose families have been producing high quality wines for generations. We are looking for funding to help us keep up with the increasing demand for our unique range of products.

True Champagne.

We are a wine merchant, with multiple bistros spread across London, who offer a standout collection of champagnes and wines suitable for any occasion that are created by independent, family-run vineyards across France. Our vision began in 2008, with our aim to establish a character around our brand to promote "True Champagne".

The outstanding results of our network's hard work cannot be found in local supermarkets, but we make sure to offer our products at affordable prices without a reduction in quality. All of our champagne makers have won prestigious awards for their efforts with an impressive array of certifications from a variety of competitions including the 2010 International Wine Challenge where four of our wines picked up prizes.

Our partnerships extend to five vineyards, each specialising in different forms of wine. Like the wines that they produce, each maker is full of character; each with their own identity and heritage that has led them to be hand-selected by our experts to offer their best work to be sold on our site or served in our bistros. Our makers have been in the wine business for generations, including one vineyard where the owner's family has been growing for 5 generations!

With your pledges, we want to purchase further stock for our busy Christmas period, and continue selling award-winning wines for people across the UK.


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Stefano Frigerio
Maud Fierobe

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Hythe, UK

"True Champagne."

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