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Foresolutions are a leading communications business specialising in four key areas: tracking solutions, two-way radio communications, business mobiles, and event communications. This family-run enterprise has an impressive list of clients and partners on a national scale, including top sports companies and festivals. The funds raised in this campaign will go towards facilitating such large contracts as they continue to grow.

Communication at the touch of a button

Based on the south coast of England, Foresolutions has been grown since 1979 by the Ross family. Our wide range of services are split into four groups, ForeTrack, ForeComms, ForeBusiness, and ForeEvents. We offer vehicle and mobile tracking, plus fleet management; two-way radio handsets, headsets, and accessories; smart phones and business contracts; and event communication management, respectively.

We are fully quality-approved by the management systems standards, IDO9001. Our aim is to produce cost-effective, performance-generating solutions for a vast range of clients. For example, we've worked for the NHS Authorities, O2 Arena, Football Union, and Silverstone Circuit, as well as Spar and Lush shops, to name a few. On top of this, we've partnered with Vodafone, Blackberry, and O2, and are regulars with V Festival.

As our business continues to grow, we are raising money to facilitate large upcoming contracts. In doing so, we believe we can replicate our success and expand our portfolio of clients and services.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 64k
£ 64k
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Funded 5 months ago in 13 days

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Key people

Thomas Mathew Ross

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A. Sorry Charlotte. I am new on here and couldt find the questions. Hopefully all up to date now. Best regards

A. our year end is end of Sept to the profit is very up to date. year end 2019 we are predicted to do a 200K profit with a combined group profit estimated 400k

A. our average customer life is 6 years. Our average contract is 36 months 70% of out revenue is recuring and contracted

A. Foresolutions and the business currently being invested in is just GPS. Over time we will novate our 2 way comms and event hire business into this entity

A. some of our contract need equipment that will be hired to a customer on a long term basis or an initial investement from us. This is what we mean by facilate

A. More timing than anything. Our largest customer has a technical issue which meant they had to hold back their delivery scehdules. They have rectified this and the volume is now increasing again

A. Yes. We have an ideal customer which is construction and agregate We have just on boarded one of the top 5 contruction companies who are building a rather large tunnel in london and one of the top 4 aggregates companies

A. We are fairly lean in terms of admin so there is not much movement. Improved systems and process's are enabling us to do more with the same admin cost

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"Communication at the touch of a button"

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