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Capital at risk
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Fabric Wholesalers offer a vast selection of materials from satin to uniquely designed prints on 100% cotton. With a design studio and warehouse in Bradford, they supply and sell through retailers, manufacturers, and international distribution companies as two brands, Fabric Freedom and Perfect Occasions. As they continue to grow, Fabric Wholesalers will use the funds raised to purchase more stock to expand their arsenal of top-quality fabrics.

Fabric for every occassion

Fabric Wholesalers design and supply premium fabrics. Based in Bradford, we operate a design studio and warehouse, from which we then distribute to retailers and manufacturers on an international scale under the names of Fabric Freedom and Perfect Occasions.

We pride ourselves on creating unique and fashionable designs and offering a wide range of fabric types, from satin to leather, tartan to Chinese brocade. Our fabrics are predominately used for dress-making and bridal wear, as well as quilting and patchwork. Every designer we work with is UK-based and we digitally print their beautiful designs.

We like to keep our products up-to-date so are constantly refreshing, sourcing, and redesigning to meet demands. With the funds raised in this campaign, we will purchase more stock to add new collections so we can maintain our variety without going into large print runs.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 53k
£ 53k
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Funded 2 months ago in 26 days

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Saleem Kader
Sanober Kader

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A. Updated accounts for 2018 will be filed this week.

A. The website has all current stocks on and customers that register are able to order stock from the site

Our business comes 70% from rep visits to customers - our business is trade and we supply only to businesses

We have approx 400 customers who we visit average 3 to 4 times per year and the website allows customers to reference items and repeat order

A. We had an external director running this brand who then opened his own business whilst running this business down , we took the brand into the families control and started running alongside perfect occasions under fabric wholesalers limited
Fabric Freedom international was then closed down

A. The only fixed and floating charge that's current levied on our business is the charge levied by the factors but that only applies to the below ledger book and value of debtor book is £800k with approx £350k lent against that

A. Director has offered Personal guarantee.

A. We have a member of staff attending to the items mentioned and these will be updated shortly and maintained ongoing.

A. None of our Fabrics come from the eu

All fabrics come from the far east

A. I can share these with you in the next few days as we are due to get the final accounts by mid next week

Sales and profits are both up

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"Fabric for every occassion"

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