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Providing a safe and secure environment for children, Exceptional Care is committed to providing homes for children from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds - helping them build brighter and better futures. Founded in 2013, Exceptional Care caters to essential needs; from CCATS psychological assessments, treatments and support, to 28-day crisis services interventions and far beyond. They are now seeking funds to expand their capacity and staffing and acquire new, additional premises.

Exceptional Care provide a consistent and caring environment in which young people feel safe and secure.

We believe that our children are our future, so we provide those from disadvantaged and complex backgrounds with the right care to live a healthy life from the ages of 8 to 17. This includes providing them with a safe place to live, individualised psychological care, and a 28 Day Crisis intervention in which we offer a high activity programme on our four mobile barge provisions.

Because we are consistent, and we go over and beyond to create an enjoyable atmosphere, our children are given the opportunity to form positive attachments to allow them to have a sense of inner security and worth, thus bettering their emotional and physical well-being.

Communication is key in development, and we aim to tailor to their needs by giving each child CCAT assessment and treatment with clinicians trained in several modalities, including CBT and the “Life Minus Violence” enhanced programme. Our team addresses a range of psychological difficulties such as, attachment disorders, deliberate self-injury, substance misuse, anxiety, trauma, sexual exploitation, aggression management, grief and loss, as well as depression.

Located on the canal network of Lancaster, we enable our children to have a solo placement for our 28 Day Crisis programme that is on one of our four mobile barge provisions with 2:1 staffing. The programme enables our children to enjoy the rural tranquil settings, and by removing the constraints of everyday living and life, the barges provide our children with an opportunity for reflection and stability. We also encourage participation in the day to day running of the barge for individuals to take ownership of their surroundings, whilst feeling part of the team.

We thrive off the ethos of professionalism, respect, integrity, development, equality and diversity, and due to this, we have been Awarded as an Ofsted Outstanding Provider 2019/2020.

Since COVID-19 our work has been busier than ever and we are in high demand, so the funds raised for this campaign will go towards staff recruitment and marketing. This has been a tremendous journey for us and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

The number of children in care homes has increased and are continuing to rise.

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Staff, Marketing and New Premises

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Gillian Ashcroft
Susan Rolfe
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Sean Milnes
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"Exceptional Care provide a consistent and caring environment in which young people feel safe and secure."

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