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Engreen Environmental Consultancy Ltd have been providing tailored solutions to businesses in the UK for over a decade, allowing them to operate in a way that is environmentally friendly and suits their particular needs. Their expert environmentalists and engineers have experience across a vast range of sectors from waste management to full-scale development projects. Engreen will use the funds raised to invest in the business development of the company.

Using experience and expertise to create unique environmental solutions

With over 40 years of combined experience in the environmental and engineering sectors, our team at Engreen have a passion for helping businesses through our wide range of services to ensure that they are using the best available techniques in their respective sectors.

We offer a range of services to a variety of businesses to help them operate smoothly in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner. These services can include particular aspects of a process that is unique to a given sector, for example, the management of animal by-products. We also do full-scale development projects to ensure that businesses are complying with all environmental regulations relevant to their respective sector.

The staff on our team have experience in a variety of expertise, which is made up of environmentalists and engineers with specialities such as: waste legislation, atmospheric and effluent abatement systems, Best Available Technique (BAT) Studies, environmental liability and risk assessment, and environmental compliance auditing. The knowledge that our consultants and engineers possess is shown in their impressive set of qualifications, and pride in putting their full effort into every project that we collaborate on.

With this funding we want to build our network further, creating a foundation of strong relationships with other clients who want to conduct business in a manner that is both effective for them and beneficial to the environment.


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David Green
Stephen McFarlane
Principal consultant

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A. We are not affected by the Carillion situation. None of our clients has exposure to the situation and we have no direct contracts with Carillion or government agencies that may be affected.

A. Apologies Roger I was not sure what Crowd2Fund had issued. Headline numbers for 2017 are turnover £360k and post-tax profit of c.£140k (cf £320k and £110k last year).

A. Jonal is 100% shareholder of Engreen but Engreen is the operating company for the consultancy work. Jonal also owns the office building that both companies operate from.

A. We currently have 3 degree level consultants and are looking to expand this to at least 5 on the back of new contracts we are developing with major chemical and food companies.

A. I am not aware of a reason why the score would be low. The business continues to operate well and we have no supplier issues.

A. I understand that the first pass draft accounts (which are still to be finalised by our accountants but should show underlying business performance) were sent to Crowd2Fund in the application.

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Harrogate, UK

"Using experience and expertise to create unique environmental solutions"

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