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Eagle Freight Terminal have a rich history in providing a fast and efficient delivery service via air, land, or sea, ensuring a high-quality service for our clients' deliveries, regardless of the destination. With the pledges made on this campaign they intend to refurbish their headquarters.

Moving goods globally with ease

With roots that extend beyond the 27 years that Eagle Freight Terminal have been in operation, we have a history that has spanned generations to provide fast and efficient relocation and transport services to our clients throughout the time that we have been active.

As the owners of two strategically located bonded warehouses, one of which is near Central London, we can provide out clients with peace of mind when we are helping them to safely store their goods, whether it is pieces of furniture or a collection of paintings. Our bonded warehouses are ideal for beyond the storage phase of a cargo's journey, with our Felixstowe warehouse acting as an Enhanced Remote Transit Shed, meaning that the location can be utilised to strip containers and distribute the goods throughout the U.K. or Europe via our fleet of trucks, or a part of our vast network.

Despite our business evolving into the 21st Century as the next generation of our founder, Keshav Sharma, took over, one underlying constant is that we are up for meeting any challenge that is thrown at us. This is why as well as making the process for our clients as smooth and straightforward as possible, we involve ourselves in every aspect of a big move. From a pre-move survey through to the delivery, unpacking, and insurance of our clients' goods, we ensure that every task is performed to the best of our ability.

With this round of funding we want to continue our evolution as a business by refurbishing one of our properties, to allow ourselves to maintain the vast amount of working relationships that we have with partners and clients alike.


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Funded 10 months ago in 29 days

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Keshav Sharma
Vivak Sharma

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A. Hello Cormac
There is a personal guarantee with this loan.
I have never defaulted on any loan either in company name or personal name.

A. Hello Joan
Eagle Relocations is not related to me. We have no trading between the companies as we are in different sectors. Eagle Relocations belongs to my brother and we separated my company and his when our father turned 80 years old 5 years ago.
Hope this info helps.

A. Hello Golnar
None of our work relates to Europe. We only do work for UK customers and distribute within the UK. If anything we hope Brexit will benefit us with more Customs requirements which is our speciality.

A. Hello Golnar
Our Year end is 31st Aug 2017. The final figures are being prepared. From our MA we have done better than last 12 month. This loan will help us reduce our interest costs and streamline our operations further.

A. Our auditors are preparing them .
We have been in business for 27 years and never missed a payment or defaulted on any loans over that period. Just for your information.

A. Hello Golnar
Year end is 9months after 31st Aug 2017 but we will have them ready by the new year from the auditors.

A. Hello Golnar
Eagle is a Customs Bonded facility so we have to be compliant to get the licence. Yes we are audited annually.

A. Hello Michael
The loan consolidation with reduce our interest costs which will hit our botton line and plus will be over a longer period therefore better for cash flow.

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"Moving goods globally with ease"

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