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Dunn Motor Traction Ltd are a transport company from humble beginnings. Providing bus routes through Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, they now operate a rapidly expanding fleet of buses with high quality service. The funding raised through this campaign will be used for the operation of new routes for the council.

Keeping people moving and connected everyday.

In 2009, Scott Dunn purchased seven second-hand buses to roll out across Nottingham as part of the Yourbus brand— from here, our business, Dunn Motor Traction, was formed. The company has gone on to operate 65 buses for Yourbus UK alone, while having sister companies in Australia and New Zealand.

From the single bus route operated at the beginning of our journey, we now operate 21 services (including council contracted services) across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to provide high quality service to as many people as possible. We understand the importance of a smooth ride for our customers: our genie cards are available for every kind of traveller, whether they only use networks limited to Derby or Nottingham, or are students needing to travel across our whole network; each card offers a discount ranging from 20% off single fares to unlimited travel across our whole network.

Everyone involved in our company is proud to be a part of our family, and excited to be part of our growth as we reach out to help more local commuters on a daily basis. We appreciate that as a transport company we need people who have the knowledge required to help provide smooth journeys for everyone riding our buses. It's for this reason that as a community-focused bus company, we employ local people to both operate the business and ensure that the needs of customers and employees alike are met.

We're constantly expanding: we added ten new buses to our fleet in 2015, and with this campaign we aim to fund the operation of new routes for the council, alongside the running costs of the business.


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Funds for new routes

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Scott Dunn
Stephen Ward

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"Keeping people moving and connected everyday."

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