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DP Connect is a specialist, technology-focused recruitment business with a particular focus on the fintech sector. Taking training to a new level, they launched two academies for local young men and women in 2018, educating their future consultants to be genuine experts in their sector. The funds raised will act as working capital to pay more trainees and expand the programme.

Uniting talent and technology.

DP Connect is a recruitment firm, specialising in the field of payments, technology sales and development recruitment, uniting talent and technology with some of the UK’s leading organisations and specialist professionals for almost three decades. We are an established recruiter for a wide variety of UK based banks and fintech firms, owed to our strong reputation of providing a premium, bespoke service.

As a financially strong business, we have made a conscious effort to invest in local young men and women. We set up two academies in 2018, taking in young people and training them up into expert recruitment professionals, who we then employ directly. While this has slowed sales growth, as it takes time to train them, it has improved margins by decreasing the wage bill. Moreover, having consultants specifically trained in the “DP way” improves our client experience and therefore retention.

Our academies are based in our head office in Bromley and our satellite office in Cambridge. It has been working very well so far and we are just about to take in four more trainees on full-time contracts. We want to expand the academy, enabling us to take on more trainees and potentially open up another site. The funds raised will provide working capital to pay more trainees as well as expand the programme.


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Funded 5 months ago in 19 days

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Aidan Anglin

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A. Aidan set up TMA Investments Ltd a few years ago to purchase 100% of Talent and Technology Group (T&TG).
T&TG is the holding company that owns DP Connect Ltd, and three other dormant companies which have not traded for many years (DPC Perm, DPC Contract, Connect2) . So although this shows up as 6 directorships - it is all basically one company..

A. As a Recruitment business we place both permanent members of staff, and temporary contractors. When a contractors is placed, there is an ongoing revenue stream with an associated cost of sale for the duration of the contract.
e.g. we pay the contractor £500 per day, and the Client pays us £600 per day. The £500 is recorded as a Cost of Sale.

A. Our year end June 2019 accounts are with the auditors ready to be filed.
These show an EBITDA of £435k and a Balance Sheet value of £1.1m

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"Uniting talent and technology."

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