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Through advanced technology and an updated credit-based membership, Digme are here to help you achieve your workout goals and strive to make you the best person you can be. The funding will be used to help spread this unique ideology by expanding our business.

Upgrade your workout. No contracts, just results.

Inspired by the Hawaiin beach with which we share our name, we aim to provide a luxury, high-tech workout for you regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been working out your whole life. At Digme, our aim is to help you follow your passion, breaking through barriers to ensure you achieve all goals that you have set, and let you become the best version of yourself that you can be.

To get there we offer unique classes, such as our Ride spin classes, where our advanced exercise bikes track and measure your data, allowing you to view your progress over the course of your training. At Digme, we are all about inclusivity, so if this isn't for you, you can instead immerse yourself in one of our playlists and ride to the rhythm in a Beat class.

Our exercise options don't stop at our bikes! Take part in a Matrix class, for a 50 minute full-body HIIT session using a combination of the fantastic technology readily available to us, including the Technogym SkillMill. For those who can't decide between our Ride or Matrix classes, we also offer a Fusion class, where you can take the best of both worlds in an intense 50 minute session that changes with each instance and will leave you burning calories for hours afterwards.

For us, our values don't stop at the workouts. We provide towels and products for when you want to hop into one of our luxury showers, and provide you with complimentary cycling shoes when you take part in our spin classes. Along with our credit-based system, we ensure that you are never tied down, and all you have to worry about is turning up for the class!

With this loan, we want to spread our ethos and make as many people their best self as we can.

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Where will the funds go?

Site expansion in Blackfriars station

Key people

Caoimhe Bebhinn Bamber
Geoff Bamber
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Steven John Phillips
Chief Financial Officer

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Richmond, UK

"Upgrade your workout. No contracts, just results."

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