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Desiretech, trading as Desire London, are one of the UK's leading suppliers in a vast range of homeware products, from kitchen appliances to toys and everything in-between. They trade through high-profile sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Groupon, with an established office in their main overseas production area, China. As they continue to expand their product range, Desire London will use the money raised towards acquiring a new distribution Warehouse in the UK.

Delivering more than expected

At Desire London, we import, distribute, and retail thousands of top-quality products. Our motto is to deliver more than expected, and with our wide range of products, we certainly have something for everyone, including kitchen appliances, cooling and heating solutions, toys, pets, baby care, health and beauty, and more! Our team manages the process between the local UK office and our manufacturers in UK & China, where we also have an established office, and we then sell on popular websites such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon, and Wowcher.

In addition to our excellent selection of products, we like to deliver on customer service. We've built up a great reputation through our third-party sites, which has enabled us to become one of the UK's leading e-commerce suppliers.

Going forward in 2019, we're expanding our product range further still - we recently branched out to include bedding, packaging, and electricals. In order to keep up with our growth, we will use the funds raised in this campaign to sign a lease for a new 40,000 square foot warehouse, based in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 128k
£ 123k
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Funded 2 months ago in 29 days

Where will the funds go?

Expand to larger premises
Working capital

Key people

Kirty Sharma
Ray Mehra
Financial Director

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A. Keplin Group Limited is a partnering sourcing company of ours (no group structure) it has been established to allow us to be more competitive in our purchases and once again retain more of our profits

A. Hi our business such as any other business in the UK can be affected. There definitely is some uncertainty in the market Our imports are all form the far east so there will be no disruption in arriving. The fluctuation in the sterling is our biggest challenge but we have hedged our dollar rates to make sure our goods arrive at the costs we have calculated them which will cover us for all of our summer goods.

A. Stratford-Upon-Avon is a very desired area with excellent transport links and motorway access to the north and london as well as portsmouth port. The rental charges as well as council rates are much cheaper than London allowing us to retain more of our profits

A. Hi we have a 5 year lease with a 3 year break clause

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"Delivering more than expected"

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