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Dental Education Nurtured Through Science (DENTS) and Dental Excellence work in conjunction, using state-of-the-art technology to enhance traditional dental practices and deliver the highest quality of training. As London's first centre of its kind, their unique combination of capabilities and the pioneering expertise of their founder allow DENTS/Dental Excellence to work with their patients to achieve the best treatment. They're now raising funds to develop further technologies and robotics, as well as recruit more staff.

Advancing technology within dentistry

DENTS/Dental Excellence is a pioneering business specialising in the combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise from the heart of London's business district in Bow Land. Our founder, Anthony Laurie, has over 40 years of experience in dental technology and received multiple awards, including a prestigious lifetime achievement award for his outstanding contribution to Dentistry in 2013. His leadership has enabled us to develop specialist prosthetic, restorative, implant, and digital technologies, tailored to each patient.

Our main services include: smile design, where we work in unison with your dentist to strategise the necessary treatment, known as case planning; specially designed prosthetics, such as dentures; crown and bridge restoration and implants; alongside numerous bespoke services, like denture relining and rebasing. We use CAD-CAM techniques to design from STL files or models, which are then scanned and milled, resulting in, for example, customised titanium or ti-based zirconia abutments.

In addition to our own research, we share our findings and use them to train upcoming dental technologists. We strongly believe in continuing the advancement of the industry, so will use the money raised in this campaign to further invest and develop our technologies. At the moment, the majority of our operations are done by hand, but with increased technology, we will implement robotics to carry out these tasks. To accommodate our growth, we will also recruit more staff to meet our increasing demand.


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£ 150k
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Where will the funds go?

Develop digital technologies

Key people

Anthony Laurie MDT FBIDST FCGI

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A. We are not dentists or hygienists. As technologists we use VR to design and plan restorations. The data is sent via STL files to automated robotic machines which manufacture our designs.

A. Robotics /Digital Technology are widely used in all aspects of Dentistry.
Virtual patients are used to train dentists. Virtual 3D layered images allow us to strip away skin, gum and muscle tissue, down to bone, enabling us to observe every detail down to the position of blood vessels and nerves. This technology has completely revolutionised our ability to plan and carry out precision dentistry.
The applications are limitless, but will always require expert knowledge and expertise to instruct.

A. I would certainly give it consideration, but it would depend on how much you are prepared to invest in our success.
Further to your reply. You would be more than welcome to come and discuss your dental issues with me. Without doing so it would be impossible to know how I can help you.

A. I anticipate growth in turnover but in my business we have to review our figures over a trading year as complex cases can take months before income is realised. Balance has to be achieved between fast turnover work and the challenging cases.
The purpose of this funding is to ring fence our growth and development by anticipating fluctuations in cash flow and affording us the freedom to invest in exceptional staff and equipment as we grow into the digital era.

A. The initial efforts to grow our client base has been very successful. This combined with the use of our new digital technology has increased productivity.
This is very exciting for our future growth and development as we have yet to launch our planned marketing campaign and development of digital manufacture will be instrumental in supporting anticipated demand.

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"Advancing technology within dentistry"

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