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Patri, a unique Indian restaurant owned by Delhi by Nature, takes inspiration from founder, Puneet's memories of growing up near New Delhi train station. The menu brings to life the cuisine and street food found at such iconic railway station and epic train journeys across India. With branches in Northfields and Hammersmith, Patri will use the money raised to finish refurbishments to the accompanying café to include an area for children, increase their supply of teas and coffees, as well as launching new menus.

Artisan street food with a nostalgic twist

Patri means 'pavement' in Hindi, '[train] track' in Urdu, and 'small furnace' in ancient Sanskrit— we combine all three at our one-of-a-restaurant to serve a street food-style menu with classic Indian and Pakistani influences. Established last year, our founder, Puneet, created a nostalgic and truly unique concept to celebrate the delicious dishes and snacks found at railway stations and served on iconic train journey across India. Puneet has grown our brand across two sites, one in Hammersmith and one in Northfields. Further to this, Delhi by Nature also owns the Hammersmith branch of Chai Naastro, a family-inspired Indian street food restaurant, opened in 2016.

At Patri, we have an excellent 4.7 rating on OpenTable and are well-regarded by our diners. Our kitchen is headed by award-winning chef, Vijendra Singh Rana, passionately serving our signature dishes, including a rich Rara Gosht, tangy Mattar Kulcha, and of course our legendary 'Girlfriend Chaat', rated by some as the world’s spiciest chaat! All curries are inspired by those served by railway cooks and our grills are cooked in our tandoor at over 400 degrees. We put attention and care not only into the ingredients we use, but also the presentation of the food we serve. Come and sample our dishes for yourself, with 50% off if you invest.

We've been undergoing expansion for our Northfields branch, setting up an area for children, a quick grab-and-go section, and building on our award-winning teas and coffee. This will be a café version to accompany the main restaurant and is the UK's first Indian-inspired artisan chai coffee and chaat house. With the funds raised in this campaign, we will create and launch new menus, with food delivery in mind, as well as finish our renovations.


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£ 50k
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50% off a meal at our Hammersmith branch

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A. Thanks, Chris. Funding Circle loan is 200K which helped us do our second site in Northfields with a brand new kitchen. This is a 5-year term and 75K is asset finance for both sites for equipment which will finish in 2022. We are on track to reduce our debt by 60 % over the next 36 months and be debt free in 2024. Other suppliers are within trading terms of 30-45 days and balance is £ 30K for 3 sites.

A. GP is around 70% food cost 29%.
The overall net profit is low due
1. Higher than expected staff cost due to a shortage of talented Indian chef's
2. Higher Interest Rates
The cafe will utilize the existing kitchen in Northfields and we are switching to cooking only on one site for better efficiency in labor, food quality and utilities.
The investment will help restructure the higher IWOCA loan.
All our 3 sites are now cashless to further save on staff time, banking charges, insurance premiums.

A. Thank you.
Patri Hammersmith
2024, 2028, 2032

Patri Northfields
2023, 2028. 2033

Kids by Patri Northfields

We don't expect any major rent increases on either of the 3 sites.

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"Artisan street food with a nostalgic twist"

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