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DAPV was founded in 2016 to build a multi-channel e-commerce technology platform. They currently sell via the hugely successful Fancy Dress Worldwide, to a customer base spanning across 64 countries, providing costumes and party accessories for adults and children alike. Their cutting-edge 'Eiger' technological ecosystem allows them to dynamically track and deliver, and is set to redefine retail. With big plans to add further brands to their arsenal, DAPV will use the money raised to move to a second warehouse and increase their fancy dress stock.

Award-winning digital retail platform

DAPV was established to address the rapidly changes occurring in the retail sector, where multi-channel online sales are becoming increasingly popular but are highly complex to organise. The solution to this is having a strong technological ecosystem to manage this. DAPV is therefore a multi-channel technological platform, from which we trade presently through our first brand, Fancy Dress Worldwide. This is a one-stop-shop for all your costume and party needs, named the number one fastest growing business in the industry by Plimsoll analysis this year. We now have over 18,000 products in our range and approximately 370,000 customers from 64 countries across the globe.

Our platform encompasses multi-channel sales, accurate inventory management, and seamless fulfilment; this is all part of our ecosystem, 'Eiger', split into Eigerscan, EigerLive, EigerOptimum, and EigerRhythm, allowing for dynamic inventory-taking and enabling us to fulfil our delivery promises. For such innovation and evidence of grwoth, we were acclaimed with a Startups Award last year. In the long-term we plan to white label this technology and license to other companies, while adding further brands to the platform, using business such asThe Hut Group and Ocado as models.

In the meantime, we are seeking funds to open a second warehouse and grow our Fancy Dress Worldwide product range by 200%. We currently have a pipeline of 97,000 new products identified. The next step is to expand the business into stocking toys and games, for which we're in the stages of initial analysis, with a further 2 million products of interest identified.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Revenueshare - product type
£ 64k
£ 64k
Estimated close date
Funded 3 months ago in 14 days

Where will the funds go?

New warehouse and new product line
Working capital

Key people

Dominic Portman

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A. Hi Roger,
Please see our projections here;!AnKtiaOnlWVngSAARRqLFUdw154F including this year (year end is May). We have a charge from Alfandari which is a loan with a very small amount outstanding. Dom

A. Hi Jakob, our year end is May. Please see projections here:!AnKtiaOnlWVngSAARRqLFUdw154F. Thanks, Dom

A. Hi Jakob, we have 11 sales channels in multiple countries. All orders are fulfilled through our own warehouse. Our website is one channel alongside shops on marketplaces world-wide. We also have a pipeline of 35 marketplaces which we will be integrating with over time. Dom

A. Hi Jakob, thank you for your message. The software is built in house and forms our own technology ecosystem. Our plan is to continue growth in fancy dress and expand into other verticals, with continued improvements and innovations made within our technology every day. Should a solid business case arise to license out our software, as I imagine it will do at some point, we may do that. Dom

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"Award-winning digital retail platform"

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