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Based in York, Damson Global was founded to develop audio technology and electronics tailored for the consumer market. Their first product was the result of a brainwave from founder and CEO, James, now sold as their signature Cisor portable wireless speaker, it uses the surface it is placed upon to amplify sounds. From wireless home cinema systems to bone conduction headphones and the exciting Damson Lab, their products continue to disrupt traditional technologies and pave the way in innovative product development. Now, following the success of their recent raise, they're returning for an equity raise to continue growth with a sales strategy in place.

Paving the way in audio innovation

At Damson Global, we're dedicated to developing electronics for people who appreciate great technology as much as we do. James, our founder, used his passion for music and technology along with his experience in International Sales to design and optimise a technology that had not been used for music before, creating inaugural product, Cisor speaker, which to this day remains an extremely popular seller; Today, over 6 years later we now showcase a range of disruptive technologies, such as our Dolby Atmos Wireless home cinema system, the S-Series and 'hiss-free' noise cancelling HeadSpace headphones. Damson Lab is our innovative blue sky thinking department where not every idea will make it into production, but out of which our latest product, the PowerPlant is to be released soon. We're constantly developing and improving on new technology and products and have some big projects lined up, including the next generation of the successful Damson HeadBones which uses bone conduction to send sound directly to your inner ear, by passing the ear canal which leaves them clear to hear everything around you.

Our growth plan in summary, this includes growing and expanding our brand awareness plus maximising strategic partnerships which will amount to increased sales and allow for further investment in distruptive technology innovation and development. At present, our sales consist of 48% in the UK, 39% in the USA, with the rest being made up in Europe and Australia. We've been growing 21% year on year and aim to accelerate this growth by working on both B2C and B2B sales. This involves a strategy for Amazon, selling directly and through Amazon Retailer for better rankings, and maximising the potential of our partnership with Dolby, which opens up new opportunities including an existing opportunity with Europe’s largest sports and entertainment broadcaster which, in itself, has the potential to become an overnight game changer.

Therefore, the money raised will fund this strategy. Continued research and development is always at the forefront of our priorities, for which we need capital expenditure. We will also accelerate our plans to bring our product assembly into a Yorkshire assembly plant allowing us to facilitate our export expansion and enabling us to badge our products not only as “Designed in Yorkshire” but also assembled in Yorkshire, Great Britain.


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Where will the funds go?

New product R&D
Yorkshire assembly point
Continued export expansion

Key people

James Talbot
Red cup

Investor rewards

Where it all began...

If you invest £100 - £199
50% off Cisor

Upgrade your Headspace

If you invest £200 - £999
50% off HeadSpace or S-Cube

Tech bundle

If you invest £1,000 - £4,999
Free Cisor & Mount + 50% off HeadSpace or S-Cube

The cinema experience - at home!

If you invest £5,000 - £9,999
50% off Home Cinema

Breaking boundaries

If you invest £10,000+
Free Home Cinema and HeadSpace

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"Paving the way in audio innovation"

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Investments like these involve risks including loss of capital. Please see our risk section before making an investment decision