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Hear it. Feel it. This phrase defines not just Damson but anyone who has ever been absorbed into a song or a movie. It’s the trademarked strapline that inspires Damson to design and develop superior audio products that enhance your listening experience, powered by its own cutting-edge software, at prices Competitively placed to appeal to a mass market. Since launching the Damson S-Series, not one product has been launched that gets even close to matching Damson’s algorithm that delivers bandwidth-hungry ultra high-quality audio, like Dolby Atmos, wirelessly to its modular home entertainment system. Following their last successful raise with Crowd2Fund, they’re returning for an equity raise to fund their ambitious, yet realistic, three-year growth plan.

Hear it. Feel it.

At Damson Global, we're dedicated to developing electronics for people who appreciate great technology as much as we do. James, our founder, used his passion for music and technology along with his experience in International Sales to design and optimise a technology that had not been used for music before, creating our inaugural product, Cisor speaker, which to this day remains an extremely popular seller; Today, over 6 years later we now showcase a range of disruptive technologies, such as our Dolby Atmos Wireless home cinema system, the S-Series and 'hiss-free' noise-cancelling HeadSpace headphones.

In our next phase of growth, we are planning to expand our share of the television-audio market. Born out of frustration, Damson designed it’s own software and hardware after finding no other TV-audio system delivered superior sound without wires. It instantly gained market approval by offering premium design, without unsightly, trailing cables. We partnered with Dolby in 2017 to deliver a premium quality designed superior sounding Dolby Atmos wireless system, that is affordable, suitable for renters and can achieve mass-market penetration. Our powerful software was coded from scratch using an algorithm that feeds two processors. This ensures that bandwidth-hungry Dolby Atmos and UHD video are passed through seamlessly, without any lip-sync caused by wireless latency issues. The system was built to ensure complex audio signals would be decoded across its network without needing to connect to an internet network or require manual calibration to set up speakers.

Over the next three years, with your investment, we will focus on six core areas to scale the business: product purchasing, research and development, logistics, marketing spend, eCommerce development and staff recruitment to make this possible. Together, this will enable us to build our presence in the UK and in the US through Amazon.com, Rymax and Target. We also plan to break into the German market in 2022. Our R&D lab are aiming to integrate bone conduction with our home cinema S-Series, for hearing-impaired listeners by 2022. In three years we will have achieved 1% market capture, £68m in revenues and 29% EBITDA, which would give our investors a 10x return if they choose to exit.


Equity - product type
£ 150k
£ 0
Estimated close date
15d 8h

Where will the funds go?

New product R&D and Tooling
C2F loan repayment

Key people

James Talbot
Stephanie Gott
Head of Operations
Mark Hudson
Head of Customer Relations
Marko Matovic
Head of Creative
Red cup

Investor rewards

Tech bundle

If you invest £1,000 - £4,999
Free Cisor & Mount + 50% off HeadSpace or S-Cube

The cinema experience - at home!

If you invest £5,000 - £9,999
50% off Home Cinema

Breaking boundaries

If you invest £10,000+
Free Home Cinema and HeadSpace

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A. No. They have provided a letter that states the valuation but is caveated so heavily I honestly don't think it's worth sharing. Just being very open and transparent there.

A. We have advanced assurance from the Inland Revenue. We hired a company to specifically work with us on this. The IR are only require the shareholders agreement from us in order to provide full assurance.

A. In the first year we relied heavily on crowdfunding sites to help launch the products. This was difficult to sustain as it relies on continuously launching new products without being able to concentrate on existing ones. We want to concentrate on the S-Series. With the investment we can concentrate on marketing these products and achieving the growth we forecast, which is based on wholly realistic sales volumes.

A. We will have made a loss through the year as we again invested heavily in R&D.2019/20 is running at a profit as we are spending less on R&D and moving into our sales and growth phase.

The valuation was arrived at via a combination of revenues achieved to date along with the value of IP that the company owns.

A. We are looking at an exit in 3 - 5 years. The most likely exit will be either IPO or competitor acquisition.

A. We constantly look at releasing new products, with our most recent product being released in December. We have a 5 year roadmap of products with a strong focus on the S-Series and earbuds. We cannot publicly release all the information on those as people will "wait" until the "next version.. and in order for us to develop the next version we need sales of existing versions!

A. Hi Stephen, no problems at all! We hope to have these ready for submission by the end of this month. They are ready in draft and just awaiting the accountants final review.

A. Hi Stephen, the liabilities are mainly for loans that are outstanding. Our overheads as a business are actually very low. We manage the company very efficiently. Our office rent is just £1k/mo (including a shop front) as we have just moved into new shop/office in the centre of York. Our single largest expenses are usually related to product purchasing for our products and R&D although we are now in a slower phase of R&D as we enter the sales phase so it is a great time to invest!

A. Hi Alan, yes it is absolutely going to include all products present and future

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"Hear it. Feel it."

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Investments like these involve risks including loss of capital. Please see our risk section before making an investment decision