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Experts in sourcing and restoring mid-century furniture from all over Europe, Dagmar Design specialise in high-end Scandinavian design. They import vintage furniture to their London warehouse, work their magic and sell on to affluent, design-conscious customers around the world. The funds raised will go towards growing the company through marketing and web development, further stock purchase, and moving to a larger premises.

Restoring design with vintage character

Dagmar Design was incorporated in 2016 with the aim of restoring beautiful Scandinavian furniture and design to its full, modern-day potential. We source and import our pieces from Europe and the USA, which we then restore and refurbish in our London warehouse. For example, our chairs are professionally reupholstered using the finest materials from Denmark and the UK, keeping them true to design. We take care to preserve character in these vintage pieces, which means that every item we sell is one of a kind.

Given the dedicated work and craftsmanship we put in, as well as the top quality design we import, our furniture sells at high prices, averaging from £3,000-£4,000, and the most expensive being £30,000+. Therefore, our customers are typically design-enthusiasts themselves, based globally. The majority of our sales are via our website or third party sites, but we also have a showroom for people to visit. We also occasionally exhibit our pieces at Art and Design fairs in the UK.

As we continue to grow our business, we will use the money raised in the campaign to increase marketing and develop a new and improved website. We also plan to move to a larger premises, allowing us to increase our stock and continue to deliver high-end restoration while remaining sensitive to original design.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 45k
£ 45k
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Funded 7 months ago in 12 days

Where will the funds go?

Marketing, website development, stock, moving premises
Working capital
Loan consolidation

Key people

Aaron Fitzgerald

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A. We sell 1-2 of these most expensive pieces per year, so they make up 10-15% of our sales per annum.

Some other metrics:

Monthly Volume of Sales = 10-15
Average price p/product = £3,000
Average lifetime spend of returning customers = £8,750 over 12-18 month period.

Custom orders = 50% of sales, the rest are sales of items we list on our website.

90% of pieces sell through within 12 weeks of being listed.

Customers are evenly split between men and women with an age range of 30 - 70.

A. We have an overdraft facility with Lloyds that we are currently using. We also have a short-term loan with Iwoca with a current balance of £9,500 which will be consolidated once this campaign finishes and we secure new funding.

A. We currently list on the following platforms: (Worldwide) (UK) (Worldwide) (France & Benelux)

Soon we will be joining: (Worldwide) (UK)

A. Hi Anne,

We increased our visual marketing spend which saw an instant increase in sales. I also started drawing a salary and we employed a full-time studio manager this year which has led to a 30% increase in productivity to date. We also took on an additional storage unit in our warehouse in December 2017.

Our sales revenue from 2017 to 2018 has increased by 18% and NET profit by 27% and we predict similar growth into the next financial year.

A. Hi Michael,

The company is registered at my home address. We operate from a warehouse in North London where we have a workshop, office, photo studio & showroom. The majority of our sales initiate online, whether through our own site or a variety of specialist, 3rd-party marketplace platforms that we pay to list on.

20% of our sales involve a customer appointment at our showroom, the rest are distance sales.

We also hold sporadic exhibitions and also take part in design fairs.

A. The 2nd hand furniture market is fairly low-regulation, so we do not foresee too many additional problems. Our customer base is global so we predict any downturn in EU sales would be off-set by increased sales to the USA and Asia. A similar trend occurred after the Brexit referendum when sterling decreased in value. We saw a large increase in non-EU sales which has sustained.

A. Hi Jakob,

2017 Sales by region:
UK = 40%
EU (excl. UK) = 20%
Asia = 1.5%
USA = 31%
ROW = 7.5%

2018 Sales Q1 - Q2 by region:
UK = 40%
EU (excl. UK) = 17.5%
Asia = 17.5%
USA = 25%

So far this year we have purchased approximately 70% of our stock from inside the EU. Our strategy moving forward into 2019 is to diversify our suppliers by region so we will purchase 50% from inside the EU and 50% from outside.

A. Hi Stephane,

In addition to the £12,000 loan we also have a business overdraft facility with Lloyds but no other debt or liabilities.

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"Restoring design with vintage character"

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