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Efficiency, practicality, and style: these are the three main aspects to CycloTricity. As the only electric bike range designed and manufactured in Britain, this Southampton-based business are at the top of their market, with their products outperforming international competitors. They aim to increase their stock with the funding to make your cycling experience the best it can be, whether it's your daily commute, or something a little more adventurous - all while saving the environment!

Home-grown power-assistance to optimise everyone's cycling experience

In 2008 we formed as the only specialist e-bike factory in the UK and are proud to still hold that title. The market for alternative transport is continuously growing, and power-assisted cycling meets the criteria both environmentally and practically. We bridge the gap for those looking for more convenience than a car, with fewer restrictions than a push bike. Our products offer the empowerment of increased speed and even activity - recent research has shown that owners of e-bikes cycle daily, while only a smaller number of push bike owners do - to enable you to get out and about.

Our Southampton factory facilitates the production of our bikes from the design on paper to arriving at your door, fully assembled. The advantage of keeping our outsourcing to a minimum is that we work closely with our engineers to ensure the rigorous testing and development of each and every one of our products. Therefore, we guarantee durability for longer than our international competitors, and frequently find ways to improve on design; our e-bikes are among the lightest in the market, for example, allowing for freedom of movement and optimal efficiency - plus we think they look pretty good, too! We are passionate about inspiring our customers to use our bikes to the best of their ability, so we also run a blog to keep them up to speed.

Our reviews are overwhelmingly positive, both from our customers and the press. Having established ourselves in the market, we are now looking to expand our stock and continue to revolutionise the transport market. At the moment we sell a standard e-bike designed for comfort, a folding e-bike adapted for city-life, and a dual-power e-bike designed for the more extreme; cost-effectiveness is also at the forefront of our ethos, so we also offer conversion e-kits to re-vamp your existing bike. The expansion of stock will enable us to keep providing customer satisfaction and refine our innovative production further.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 50k
£ 50k
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Funded 11 months ago in 9 days

Where will the funds go?

Development and increase of stock

Key people

Rami Akily
Red cup

Investor rewards

20% discount on any of our amazing products

If you invest £500+
Take advantage of an amazing 20% off our entire range of e-bikes.

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A. The negative asset was a clerical error on the FY2016 company accounts which we have corrected on the FY2017 accounts. This should be published very soon. The negative asset is in fact a loan liability currently being used for working capital. Liability has doubled because our sales have doubled, working capital is needed to fund large production runs to fulfil those sales.

A. Hi Golnar, yes we use Shimano Nexus internal gears for some markets like e.g Sweden where this is more popular. Here is our Swedish site:

A. Hi Philip, this was a clerical error on the FY2016 company accounts which we had corrected on the FY2017 accounts. The FY2017 accounts will be published very soon. The negative assets you see is actually a loan liability being used for working capital.

A. Thanks Golnar, we're now back up to speed with the Q&As.

A. Dear Colin, apologies for the late reply. It's been a fantastically busy campaign as you can see. To date we've produced almost 2000 bikes and sold roughly 1,850. We export roughly 10% of our sales, although, the focus going forward is to expand across Europe and the US, so exports are expected to increase significantly over the next few years.

A. Dear Brian, apologies for the late reply. It's been a fantastically busy campaign as you can see. Yes, it's a shame that Equifax is showing such a low score. This is because we were victims of identity theft recently which we have now fully protected ourselves against. But unfortunately this has affected our credit score due to the identity thief applying for lots of credit facilities under our name resulting in plenty of credit checks being run on us in a short period of time.

A. This will be published shortly

A. Hi Golnar, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by why the changes? Which changes exactly are you referring to?

A. Dear Golnar, apologies for the late reply, it has been a fantastically busy campaign as you can see. Can you please clarify what you mean by IGH?

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"Home-grown power-assistance to optimise everyone's cycling experience"

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