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As the only electric bike range designed and manufactured in Britain, CycloTricity are at the top of their market, with their products outperforming international competitors. Having experienced great success since their initial raise with us, they're returning to raise funds for stock purchase and recruitment, which will enable them to continue making your cycling experience the best it can be. Combining efficiency with practicality and style, you can even earn yourself a reward by investing!

Home-grown power-assistance to optimise everyone's cycling experience

In 2008 we formed as the only specialist e-bike factory in the UK and are proud to still hold that title. The market for alternative transport is continuously growing, and power-assisted cycling meets the criteria both environmentally and practically. We bridge the gap for those looking for more convenience than a car, with fewer restrictions than a push bike. Our products offer the empowerment of increased speed and even activity, and recent research shows that owners of e-bikes cycle daily, while only a smaller number of push bike owners do.

Since our last raise with Crowd2Fund, we have relocated our premises to a better factory in Scotland. This facilitates the production of our bikes from the design on paper to arriving at your door, fully assembled. We work closely with our engineers to ensure the rigorous testing and development of each and every one of our products. Therefore, we guarantee durability for longer than our international competitors, and frequently find ways to improve on design; our e-bikes are among the lightest in the market, for example, allowing for freedom of movement and optimal efficiency - plus we think they look pretty good, too! We are passionate about inspiring our customers to use our bikes to the best of their ability, so we also run a blog to keep them up to speed.

Our reviews are overwhelmingly positive, both from our customers and the press. At the moment we sell a standard e-bike designed for comfort, a folding e-bike adapted for city life, and a dual-power e-bike designed for the more extreme; cost-effectiveness is also at the forefront of our ethos, so we also offer conversion e-kits to re-vamp your existing bike. The further expansion of stock and our team will enable us to keep refining our innovative production and maintain our high customer satisfaction rate.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
Loan - product type
£ 100k
£ 100k
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Funded 2 months ago in 13 days

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Stock purchase

Key people

Rami Akily
Red cup

Investor rewards

Get cycling!

If you invest any amount
20% discount on all e-bikes

A. Dear Martyn, I'm sorry to hear that, it might be the dealers near you may have sold their demos and are waiting for new stock. Please contact us on for where to try the bikes. If there is no convenient location nearby, we can also do a 30 day money-back-guarantee trial. I.e. we'd deliver and collect the bike from you for a full refund if you're not satisfied with the product. Although, I must warn you, once you have the bike, you'll find it difficult to let go ;)

A. This is not something in the pipeline as of yet, we have other exciting products currently in development which we think will attract a bigger market.

A. This is not an issue with the battery but with how the LCD screen reads the battery voltage. The LCD screen needs to be configured to read the voltage accurately and, therefore, report accurate charge indications. If you own a CycloTricity e-bike, please contact our support department and we'll be pleased to help you configure your LCD screen.

A. Hi Matthew, yes this was a clerical error on the balance sheet which was later corrected. The amended accounts can be found on Companies House's platform.

A. Hi Charles, last year we decided to move to a bigger factory and re-build our assembly line so we can increase our production capacity, so we reinvested most of the company's profits int that project. That's the reason for the temporary drop in profits. But now that we can produce more and at the same time enjoy cheaper space prices and business rates in Scotland, we're on a good trajectory for profits going forward.

A. The previous loan from C2F goes into the 2018 balance sheet (i.e. year ending Feb 2018)

A. Hi Philip, yes this was a clerical error on the balance sheet which was later corrected. The amended accounts can be found on Companies House's platform.

A. Hi Ernst, good observation and there is a very good reason for that. Prior to 2017, our production capacity was roughly £1M. And in the last couple of years we've been edging close to that figure, and we realised that we won't be able to exceed this unless we expand our factory. So we decided to invest most of our profits into moving to a brand new factory in Scotland so we can produce more. We're forecasting sales of £1.5M this year and YTD figures shows we're inline with this target.

A. We're on track to achieving £1.5M turnover this year and the YTD sales are so far inline with this trajectory.

A. Hi Jakob, we have recently moved to a larger factory to increase our production capacity so we can serve international markets. This funding round is for obtaining higher stock reserves and more staff to grow our exports.

A. Thanks a lot for your support Paul! We are offering 20% off of all our e-bikes as a token of appreciation to our investors. Please do contact us on with your voucher code and we'll deduct 20% from the e-bike of your choice.

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"Home-grown power-assistance to optimise everyone's cycling experience"

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