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Cut Price Ltd, trading under the name CP-Packaging, are a company who are devoted to providing the highest quality custom food packaging to food distributors and restaurants, and providing exceptional customer service. With this round of funding, we aim to increase our market presence and workforce to continue helping further satisfy our growing customer base.

Let your branded packaging do the talking.

CP-Packaging were formed with the goal of providing quality, food-grade packaging solutions for every corner of the hospitality industry. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and product development, we have been able to provide a huge range of packaging for a variety of businesses of different sizes across the UK and Ireland.

We understand that our customers each have their own identity, and make sure that this is clearly exhibited in every detail of what we design. We've set a lower minimum order threshold than our competitors, along with no setup fee, and a price that includes delivery to make it easier for businesses of all sizes find a cost-effective solution to creating branded packaging of the highest quality.

Our partnerships include fast-growing fish and chip chain Poppie's; Applegreen, the largest Irish independent forecourt retailer; and Soho-based fried chicken restaurant Billy and the Chicks. We build relationships with a view for the long-term, helping businesses each step of the way, whether it be to increase stock due to the expansion of their business, or to design new packaging to account for a broadening of a restaurant's menu.

Through this round of funding, we aim to continue to provide the perfect packaging for our growing list of clients, while building on our marketing presence to let even more businesses know about the great range of packaging that we create.


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£ 30k
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"Let your branded packaging do the talking."

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