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Crowd2Fund are returning to give more people the chance to own shares in the lucrative UK peer-to-peer lending market, currently valued at £2bn. With a sophisticated proposition and a future-proof technological infrastructure, Crowd2Fund offer a scalable solution to traditional lending. So far, we have lent £24.5m to around 350 businesses and have ambitious plans in place to grow this to over £40m. Therefore, the money raised will be used to enhance AI features and the mobile platform, as well as expand our investor community.

Delivering next generation finance

We’re raising again! We offer a solution that stands apart from our competitors: as opposed to other lending platforms who use a pooled funds approach, our investors choose the businesses they pledge towards. Therefore, we place importance on transparency and choice—we aim to become the world’s leading P2P lenders for businesses, but also for investors who trust their own judgement and see themselves as savvy entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we offer higher returns than our competitors, with our loan book currently showing better returns than the three largest UK platforms.

To date, we have lent £24.5m to 350 businesses with 7,000 investors. Our aim is to lend £40m over the next year, continuing our 300% growth year on year. To do this, we need to increase investor liquidity, while increasing our sales team for a larger volume of business opportunities. We are confident that Crowd2Fund is scalable: using the Fintech bridge already in place to aid regulations, we are set to expand into international markets like Canada and Australia.

Since our previous raise, we have increased our valuation from £33m to £35m, and based on projected growth post-investment, we see our target valuation at £3bn-6bn. We therefore forecast investors to make between x10-x20 return on their pledges within 5-10 years.

The funds raised will be used to continue to grow the business. Using our years of gathering insights on user experience, we are now in a strong place to improve. Technologically speaking, we will enhance our AI features, including Smart-Invest, and fulfil our aim to become the best mobile-first P2P platform. We also have ideas in the pipeline to automate our due diligence process, making the process faster and more secure, making the most of our blockchain enabled system.


Equity - product type
£ 2m
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Where will the funds go?

Direct investor advertising
Increase sales team
Legal and finance
Tech and user experience
Brand and marketing
Mobile apps

Key people

Chris Hancock
Nicky Pace
Managing Director
John Daniels
Strategic Advisor
David Garcia
Director of Tech Development
Liviu Dragulin
Director of Tech Ops
Rob Older
Content Director
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Exchange previous shares on the Exchange + above

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Zero fees for life on Crowd2Fund + above

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Access upcoming special rewards and perks + above

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London, UK

"Delivering next generation finance"

Business stage
5 years, 8 months
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Investments like these involve risks including loss of capital.
Please see our risk section before making an investment decision.

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Investments like these involve risks including loss of capital. Please see our risk section before making an investment decision