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Capital at risk
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Providing the very best personal trainers, Crossfit Chichester encourages people of all ages to get healthy and fit, through their exciting and engaging CrossFit training program. Priding themselves on creating a strong and supportive community, they are dedicated to bringing out the best in their clients. The funds raised will go towards opening up a third CrossFit studio.

Learn to do CrossFit the real way. Become the fittest, strongest & happiest of your life.

We differ from other CrossFit gyms that follow a more typical format that can be intimidating, too focused on athletic output than being safe. Instead, we deliver intelligent training for sustained lifestyle and longevity with reliable support - that is open to all.

Our classes are for everyone and anyone, we have members starting from the age of 5 and even going up to 70+.

We believe that CrossFit is so effective for the reason that it engages the largest muscle groups of the body using compound movements. It encourages you to push yourself so you get fitter and stronger. Our courses are exciting and highly engaging with no day being the same so our clients are more likely to keep training.

Our team at CrossFit Chichester makes sure our clients reach their fullest capacity by providing them with a tailored program from our experienced professional coaches. We put our clients first and are committed to attend to their every need.

We are proud to have created such a close-knit, truly supportive, and caring community that all want to see each other succeed and that is why Crossfit Chichester is so special.

With two successful studios already under their belt, the funds raised for this campaign will be used to open up a third studio in Chichester.

COVID-19 Resilience:
Crossfit Chichester have dramatically increased their online CrossFit courses during lockdown, and have had only a handful of members cancel memberships. There is now a clear plan out of lockdown and the time will be used to prepare the 3rd studio for opening. The demand for online fitness programmes has increased significantly during the pandemic across the health and wellness sector and this is set to stay.

Underwriting Comment:
This offer is an exception to our credit policy as the most recent draft accounts are showing a loss and negative net worth. We believe that this set of accounts is reflective of the impact of the pandemic as the pre-COVID accounts show healthy financials. We expect a return to pre-COVID numbers once gyms reopen in April; this loan has been approved with this in mind

Two directors are signing personal guarantees, this means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. The directors are homeowners, this does not ensure there are assets to cover the loan in the event the business fails. There have been no CCJs for the business or director.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 55k
£ 56k
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Funded 3 years ago in 16 days

Where will the funds go?

Open third Crossfit Studio

Key people

Lydia Joan Cunningham
Archie Duncan Cunningham
Red cup

Investor rewards

Get started

If you invest £100
Free healthy movement standards video.

Train with Archie

If you invest £500
The above and 30min nutrition and online personal training session with Archie

Double up

If you invest £1,000
All the above and 2 x 30min nutrition and online personal training sessions with Archie.

Make the most

If you invest £10,000
All the above, 2 x 30min nutrition, online pt’s and a months' home/gym programme.

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Chichester, UK

"Learn to do CrossFit the real way. Become the fittest, strongest & happiest of your life."

10 years, 7 months

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