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Chris James is an entirely independent company that develops properties for sale or rent. Separately, we also provide student housing for around 150 students in the Swindon area. We are now looking for a loan to continue to grow our team and market our company to new clients.

In everything we do, we aim to deliver three things: thoughtful design, end-to-end ownership and quality that we’re proud to put our name to.

Chris James is the company founder and has worked in the property development industry for 10 years. He began working as a project manager for another investor before opening Chris James Homes in 2009. Since the start of his property development career, Chris has delivered over 25 projects, working as a hands-on managing director, taking care of sourcing opportunities and business development.

Chris James Homes provides a range of services, from property development, to student accommodation and investor services. The investor services include project management, for those who own developments, and joint venture projects for investors looking to increase their portfolio.

We work alongside Wilkes Academy of the Performing Arts to provide the with student accommodation. Students can stay in our flagship The Bell Hotel property as first years, then use Chris James Homes as second and third year students to find private accommodation for their last years of study. The houses are located no further than a twenty-minute drive from Wilkes Academy's studios. The idea is for students to remain in these houses for a further two years.

With our ongoing care commitment, we aim to take the stress out of buying and renting for our home-buyers, tenants and students by delivering on our promises and always being helpful. We’re very picky when it comes to choosing our materials, fittings and tradesmen. From years of experience in the industry, we only use products and services we know are tried, tested and have met our quality standards.

Our care commitment extends beyond our immediate staff and clients to include everything and everyone with whom we work. This includes treating our home-buyers and tenants, our suppliers and tradesmen, and the ecosystems and environment with respect.

As Chris says, "Our goal is to exceed expectation; I want Chris James Homes to provide residential accommodation that is built with integrity, that has well thought out functionality, inspiring design and style matched with real quality. The result is residential property we can all be proud of.”

This loan will help take the company further with an office update, further staff and marketing.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 200k
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Key people

Christopher John O'connell
Managing Director
Jonathan Mark Slattery

A. Thank you for your query. We have 3 new projects on our books with a combined revenue of £5,600,000.
These are all on JCT Build Contracts and set to start in the coming months. These projects should take our turnover from £3,500,000 as of year end in Nov 2017, to £5,000,000 in Nov 2018. The projects are called: Wheatleys Farm, Ashton Keynes (£4,000,000); Lydiard Green, Swindon (£600,000); Westward Rd, Stroud (£1,000,000). We have other projects in the pipeline, however these three are secured.

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"In everything we do, we aim to deliver three things: thoughtful design, end-to-end ownership and quality that we’re proud to put our name to."

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