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BuyDefinition specialise in the research and development of prototype products and services in the e-commerce market, optimising white label products for sale through retail platforms like Amazon and eBay. With a focus on health, home, and pet markets, BuyDefinition's most successful product trades as the brand, Sleepeze Remedies, selling nasal strips to combat snoring and support breathing problems. The funds raised will go towards further stock purchase to meet demand and additional recruitment to grow the team.

"Optimising e-commerce through analysis and innovation"

BuyDefinition was established by two friends with extensive background in retail with the aim of outperforming online retail competitors through research and development. We design a catalogue of products for the health, home, and pet markets through analysing customer feedback for existing items on Amazon and eBay. This allows us to then reverse engineer and improve on the product, working directly with the manufacturers to make our version resilient enough to outperform the competition.

We sell our products online via our own website and our Amazon and eBay channels. Our first product to launch on Amazon was a nasal strip designed to prevent snoring and aid breathing problems, under the name of Sleepeze Remedies. This proved to be a success, so we quickly developed a second product within three months– and so on. We now operate two brands: we have continued Sleepeze Remedies and widened the product range and have created a second brand, RuneSol, for home products. You can receive as discount on our excellent products, as outlined below.

Over the next five years, we aim to increase sales by at least 100% year-on-year by continuing to develop new and innovative products. With the funds raised in this campaign, we will increase our stock, which will put us in a key position for growth. Additionally, we will recruit more staff, including an in-house graphic designer to improve our packaging, an admin assistant to ensure smooth business operation, and a service and fulfilment assistant to maintain the stock room and address customer queries. We're currently at an exciting stage and are exploring opportunities to partner with distributors internationally as we work closely with the Department of International Trade.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 160k
£ 115k
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Funded 2 months ago in 30 days

Where will the funds go?

Stock purchase and recruitment

Key people

James Burney
Philip David Seddon
Red cup

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15% off online order

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A. Hi Martin, thank you for your question. The majority of what Amazon sells is private label. I would very much doubt this brings third party selling to an end, as it would put Amazon in real trouble with all their asset space across the world. A move to Amazon purchasing more products direct from suppliers like us may be an option in the long run. We would welcome this as we could supply them direct with our brands.

A. Hi Jocelyn, this means we create our own brands. We work directly with suppliers to develop products that we know there is demand for. It also means we are the only seller of our brands, which means much less risk. We also trademark our brands. Thank you.

A. Morning Golnar. Buydefinition Limited is one company that has several brands within. The brands are not different companies. I hope this answers your question. Thanks

A. Hi Michael. I did, for some reason they did not stay in the system. I have tried again!

A. Buydefinition is our Company. The brands we own sit underneath Buydefinition. There are currently three brands in Buydefinition, soon to be four that are all ® trademarked.

A. Hi Anthony. Thank you for your feedback, which we are aware of. Our website is under complete redevelopment as we speak. Completed in 3 weeks. However please be aware we sell most of our products on the Amazon platform across the world.

A. China. We enjoy great business relationships with fantastic suppliers. This is one of the reasons why we have been so successful.

A. Hi Jakob. All designed and trademarked by ourselves. We always try and improve our products so they are more attractive to customers.

A. We are constantly developing/improving our products directly with our suppliers. Most of our products compare favourably in the market against our competition. All of our new products will be better than the competition because part of our analysis is to purchase them and study their social feedback.

A. We have never defaulted on a loan, and our bank account has never been negative so I am not sure why this is. Our philosophy is one of great relationships, hence we pay invoices immediately.

A. Hi Elizabeth. One other repayment loan. We are very close to cashflow and projections. This investment is purely for new products, which are already designed and suppliers established.

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""Optimising e-commerce through analysis and innovation""

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