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Architectural practice, Burke Rickhards, are a leading design consultancy to the public and private development sectors. They have nationally-recognised expertise and experience in the specialist field of sports and leisure design, as well as in the residential and commercial sectors. A principal theme in their designs is providing attractive, sustainable, and cost-effective buildings. With the funds raised, Burke Rickhards will finance their continued growth with a number of exciting new projects already secured.

Innovative and sustainable architectural practices

Burke Rickhards was established over twenty years ago and have since been gathering commercial awareness and practical experience to make our way to the top of our industry. From architects to interior designers, project managers to cost consultants, we cover the entire process from conception to completion. We've been heavily involved in the sports and leisure sector, and were named 'Expert Advisor' in 1996 for the Sports Council Lottery Fund of England. We also operate in the commercial and residential industries, working on hotels, restaurants, offices, warehousing, and health facilities, to name a few. For example, we've built numerous leisure centres around the UK, the Millbay Marina, the Hounslow Travel Lodge, and the multi-faith Maqam Centre - take a look on our website for our full portfolio.

Regulation and compliance is paramount to us. We're an ISO 9001 registered and RIBA Chartered practice, ensuring all of employees comply with this quality management system. Furthermore, we're also ISO 14001 registered for environmental management, meaning sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds on each project we undertake. We creatively seek solutions for low carbon emissions and support benchmark schemes like BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Our success is down to our investment in personnel and new technology, which has greatly improved our capabilities over the decades. We're now operating on a national level and will use the funds raised in this campaign to facilitate upcoming contracts as we continue to execute innovative design.


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£ 90k
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Timothy Burke
Stephen Rickhards

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A. Burke Rickhards Ltd (BRL)is our main trading business. Burke Rickhards Architectural Ltd (BRAL)is a SPV set up initially for one project but now with others to follow where we have a financial interest in the project beyond our normal fee structure but also with a different risk profile. In all cases BRL receive their fees in the normal way from BRAL who are/ will be the client body in these instances.

A. The nature of our business and Client expectations can mean about 6months from initial work to first payment being raised on some projects, therefore WIP is fairly high.Debtors are generally about 2 months t/ both cases these have generally always been recovered ...and in the case of WIP exceeded.

A. Working capital to assist growth while fee income from new projects comes on stream.

A. T/O forecast for the year ahead (to 30.04.20) is £1.7M of which all but £300k is secured, with a further £700k already secured for the following year.
In addition we have 'current prospects' on a further £2-3M of fees.

A. due to lack/reduced support from bank alternative (expensive ) short term sources of funding were necessary to fund growth - these have now largely been repaid

A. MO's for year to 30.04.19=
t/o £1250k, cost of sales £1127k, o/p £123k, interest, etc £48k profit before tax £75k

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"Innovative and sustainable architectural practices"

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