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Introducing an investment opportunity that aligns profit with purpose: Bright Young Futures. This visionary social housing project is dedicated to supporting young individuals by providing modern housing solutions. With endorsement from the local authorities, they have solidified their position as a trusted partner in stability. Bright Young Futures is dedicated to uplifting individuals and communities alike.

Elevating Lives, Enriching Futures: Empowering Through Housing and Hope

At Bright Young Futures, our mission is deeply rooted in supporting young individuals facing challenges from the age of 16 onward. Our dedication lies in empowering these youths with additional needs, providing them with the foundation they need to thrive. We understand the limitations of existing accommodations for those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and this is precisely why we've taken the initiative to create comfortable and secure homes that cater to each person's unique requirements.

Within our modern housing, we extend a 24/7 supportive environment, staffed with a diverse and caring team. Our commitment extends beyond just shelter; it encompasses comprehensive services designed to nurture independence. We firmly believe that a person-centred approach, rather than a generic solution, is the key to unlocking potential. Through engaging key work sessions, we address critical life skills such as education, employment, health, cooking, household chores, and emotional well-being, fostering holistic growth. We believe our dedication to personalised care is what sets us apart. We don't believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Instead, we offer engagement and key work sessions that encompass a range of vital life skills – from education and employment to health and emotional well-being. Our diverse team plays a pivotal role in nurturing positive outcomes, forming effective partnerships, and maintaining placement stability. We're acutely aware that the journey to success looks different for everyone, and our service reflects this understanding.

We're more than another business; we're shaping futures, offering opportunities, and creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond balance sheets. Our holistic approach, tailored support, and unwavering commitment to individual growth ensure a positive change in the lives of those who need it the most. We are delighted to be returning to Crowd2Fund as we raise for working capital and further expansion.

Credit Risk Commentary:
The directors are providing personal guarantees which means that if the business fails the directors become personally liable for the loan. Both of the directors are homeowners, however, this does not ensure that there are sufficient assets should the loan need to be recovered. We have identified a Credit Policy Exception in that the Company currently enduring losses per the latest management accounts. This is mitigated by the fact that it is a well-established company, the directors can be traced for a number of years with no adverse and the company is currently developing a new product which will be available in September 2023. The 36-month management accounts show t Turnover is £959k and profit before tax is £205k.

Inflation Risk:
As the majority of lending to the business is at a fixed rate, they will not be immediately affected by interest rate increases.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 54k
£ 54k
Est close date
Funded 10 months ago in 11 days

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Nicole Beckford
Jahrone Beckford

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London, UK

"Elevating Lives, Enriching Futures: Empowering Through Housing and Hope"

5 years, 9 months
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