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Blackapple Solutions is a business consultancy company that began in 2004 and was started with the aim to ensure that each of our clients received a high standard of IT consultancy service across the globe. We work with a portfolio of high profile multinational clients across all sectors. With extra funding generated through this campaign, we aim to consolidate debt that we have remaining on the business so that we can focus on continuing to grow.

Assisting in the improvement of services to all.

We believe Blackapple Solutions is more than just a supplier; we like to build long term partnerships with our clients and try to be an extension of our clients' team. Our ability to source the best available talent has a significant impact on business performance for our clients, boosting the careers of our candidates (we motivate our team by providing opportunity and job satisfaction through a well defined career progression plan) and offering services through our consultants and experts across the globe.

Our consultants have extensive professional networks and market knowledge; over two thirds of placements come from our existing database or networks. We adopt a highly rigorous approach to the entire recruitment process to ensure the best fit between client and candidate, only representing candidates we truly believe fulfil the requirements of each role.

Our services range from:
IT staffing solutions (both temporary and permanent)
IT managed services
Custom software development
Digital marketing (including creating and managing advertisement campaigns to help companies build a presence among a wealth of digital marketing channels such as search engines, social media sites, and email marketing)
Gaming services

The exceptional quality we strive to achieve in our services does not stop at our people: we're also great at creating useful tools. Our iResort ERP tool offers our hospitality business clients flexibility for the completion of day-to-day tasks, regardless of whether they are a local resort or an international chain. We can also help clients with the automation of ticket purchasing using our iBus ERP, or extend our knowledge of talent acquisition to a software level with iRecruit ERP.

This funding will be used to consolidate a significant amount of loans that we have taken out to propel our growth, thus allowing us to have some added stability in the future. With this, we can build further relationships across the globe and continue to provide exceptional talent and products for years to come.


Business keeps the raised amount even if target is not met.
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£ 90k
£ 26k
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Funded 10 months ago in 2 hours

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Loan Consolidation

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Sudha Rani Bhimireddy
Marteen Suneel Reddy Thokkudubiyyapu

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"Assisting in the improvement of services to all."

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